4 Reasons to Join the Template Club Right Now 

Template Club is a membership that gets you bulk templates delivered straight to your inbox every single month!

I have been designing door hanger templates for over 5 years now, in 2017 I started selling them in a digital download format to my customers who struggled with creating their own! We now have well over 1000 template designs with five new designs being released every Friday. Coming up with new designs for your door hangers, paint parties, and craft shows just got A LOT EASIER with a membership to Template Club! 

20-25 NEW Templates Delivered Straight to Your Inbox

Template Club members rave over how much fun it is to open that email the first of the month. With the Template Club membership, you get each of the five templates that are released every Friday during that upcoming month at the very beginning! You get first dibs at these fun templates before they’re ever released to the public. How fun is that?! 

Buying in Bulk Saves Money

Did you know that you save about 80% when you join the Template Club versus purchasing the templates individually? Each template is sold individually in the shop, and the Template Club gives you bulk pricing for the whole month’s templates. I can’t stress to you how much of a great deal that is! Typically a month features about twenty new templates, if you purchases them all individually you’d be spending over $130 every month. With Template Club you get ALL the templates from that month for a fraction of that cost – only $35 a month. 

Monthly and Yearly Commitment Options

With Template Club you have various options for your subscription. You can subscribe monthly for $35 per month which is an average savings of a little over $100 each month. If you subscribe to the yearly membership, it’s $385 annually. Ya’ll that is almost a $1300 saving annually! Regardless of which option you choose you’re sure to save money!

Price Increases in January 2024

Template Club pricing is increasing in the New Year so now is the best time to join! When you join Template Club right now, you’ll be locked in at the current price as long as you are a member and join before the end of the year!  

How to Use Templates

Our templates come in a variety of formats including; jpeg, pdf, svg, dxf, and eps. Each template comes with a color “mock-up” of how the design could be painted. The templates are perfect for the beginner since they have the inner design lines and often include the lettering. They are also perfect for the seasoned “pro” who may be using a CNC or laser cutting machine since they can just download the file and upload it on their machine to cut. If you’re looking for ideas on how to use your templates besides to create a stunning door hanger, checkout my blog post, “Creative Ways to Use a Door Hanger Template.” There are so many ways that a printable template can be used and this blog lays out a few ideas! 

Tamara holding a Spring truck Garden Flag made with a template

Want to See What You Can Do With a Template?

Sign up with your email below for access to our free template library! Try your hand at one of those fun templates to see how you can use the templates that you will find in the Template Club. I know you will love it!

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