5 DIY Easter Projects to Put You in the Mood for Spring

Are you dreaming of Spring and ready to start creating Easter projects right now? I have some perfect DIY tutorials just for you!

Ombré and Zebra Easter Egg Door Hanger

First up on this DIY Easter project list is this fun door hanger! This zebra print Easter egg tutorial is so fun because it will teach you how to master the ombré technique as well as how to create zebra print when painting! Both techniques can be used whether you’re painting a door hanger or working on another DIY project.  You might see this door hanger and feel overwhelmed thinking that these two techniques are more difficult than than they actually are, however I wrote a blog post to walk you step-by-step through the process. After a little practice, you will soon master these techniques like a pro!

Tamara Bennett holding the Zebra Print Easter Egg Door Hanger

Ombré Free Template Easter Egg Door Hanger

If the zebra print and the ombré technique together intimidate you then start with this Easter Egg door hanger! In my blog post “Ombré Easter Egg Door Hanger,” I’ll show you how to seamlessly create an ombré print that you can use on a variety of door hangers in the future. Plus, as an added bonus this template is available for free in my template library! 

Egg with swirls that reads "Happy Easter"

Painted Easter Garland Craft

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time you know my love for Dollar Tree crafts! I found this adorable Easter Garland at the Dollar Tree and I painted it myself. I can’t stress to you enough how much I recommend checking out the Dollar Tree craft sections or even the seasonal sections of your local craft stores for fun projects like this! They make DIY Easter projects cake! Curious how I painted this particular Easter garland? Check out my blog post! 

Blue Rabbit Pink Egg on Easter Garland Dollar Tree Painted DIY Craft by Southern ADOORnments

Bunny Truck Easter Canvas

I truly believe that everyone is an artist, and that you have some sort of creativity that you are good at or can use to express yourself. You might be learning how to paint on canvas and are looking for ways to boost your confidence in your skills. Did you know that you can paint on canvas using a template? I have tons available in my shop, like this bunny truck one. How cute is it? Wondering how to use a template to paint on a canvas? Check out my blog post tutorial where I walk you through everything step-by-step.
Tamara holding the canvas with the Easter Truck design

Bunny Eating a Carrot Door Hanger

How adorable is this bunny and carrot door hanger? I love how festive and cute it is for Easter! I painted it a while back and I have an entire blog post sharing how to recreate this tutorial for yourself. If you’re looking for a cute Easter DIY project like this door hanger, head to my blog post that breaks down how to do it! 

Want More Fun Tutorials Like This?

If you’re looking for access to even more tutorials and techniques then I highly recommend joining my Painter’s Clubhouse Membership. It’s a monthly membership and community with exclusive access to a library of tutorials and techniques from over three years worth of content. New things are added each month too! I teach at least one tutorial and bring in a guest every month to teach something as well! It’s such a great community that will encourage you in your painting journey and we’d love to have you join us! 

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