5 Signs That Your DIY Hobby is Becoming a Business

5 signs your creative hobby is a business by Southern ADOORnments

Many creative business owners never had intentions of starting a DIY business but it all just starts happening fast! Whether you sell painted door hangers or host paint parties, or do painted furniture makeovers or some other DIY home decor projects, if it is something that you love, it can grow quickly!

Want to know if you’re still in the hobby phase, or if things are getting more serious? If so, you need to quiz yourself on our checklist!

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The Five Signs that Your DIY Hobby is Turning Into a Business:

  1. You give it a name. One thing leads to another and things start to snowball and then next thing you know, you’re having to come up with a name for this new thing you’re doing. What is a business without a name?
  2. You’re no longer doing it just because it’s fun.  You’re charging enough to more than cover your supplies but to cover your “time” as well.
  3. People are seeking you out for your expertise. People are asking you to make them something! It’s not long before you become known for what it is you make. For example, if anyone needs something painted or wants to host a paint party, they are going to suggest me. I get “tagged” in countless posts on facebook by my friends and acquaintances who are referring people to me.
  4. You’re actually making money now! You’re making enough money to be able to reliably pay a bill each month, whether that be the light bill or the mortgage.
  5. You gotta spend money to make money! You’ve now learned that in order to be an actual business, you have to invest in yourself and your business. This may mean buying tools, equipment, taking an online course or even hiring a business coach.
5 signs your creative hobby is a business by Southern ADOORnments

So where are you on your creative journey? Just beginning or are you turning into a professional DIY business? Share your answer in the comments!

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