About Me

Tamara holding a bunch of door hangers

I am a Marine wife, mother of three, crafter and businesswoman. That last word feels a little funny to say out loud. I started this business while my husband was on deployment in Afghanistan. At the time, I did not realize I was planting the seeds for starting a business. I was just inviting women into my house for a night of crafting once a month to save my sanity.

Staying home with little ones while your husband is away can take its toll. I found so much joy teaching women how to paint and create something beautiful! When I started my business, I was not the best painter, but I enjoyed it. 

Almost 7 years later, my husband is no longer in the Marine Corps, I am so proud to say that my business has supported our family in ways I never expected that it could. I have the privilege to teach over 1,000 women every month how to paint door hangers and turn that hobby into a business. I love helping others improve their painting skills, but most importantly their confidence in themselves.

                                                                – Tamara