Basket of Peaches Tutorial

How cute is this little basket of peaches? I’m so excited to paint this with you today! If you’re handy with a saw or you have a laser machine, you can use one of our templates to cut the door hanger yourself. If you’re not up to cutting the door hanger yourself you can order the blank from my shop. Let’s dive right in!

Supply List

DecoArt Americana Paint Colors:

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Start with the Basics

After you have gathered all of your supplies, we’re going to start with the basics of painting this Basket of Peaches door hanger!

  • Paint the basket using the color, Teal Mint, and a one inch flat tip brush.
  • Use the color, Melon, to paint the base coat on peaches.

We’ll start with a base coat on all of our peaches and then we’ll work on one peach at a time to add the shading and highlighting.

Add Some Shading

Now that the base coat is on our peaches, we’re going to apply one more layer of Melon and work each peach one at a time by following these steps! 

  • While the paint is still wet, pick up a little bit of Pumpkin Orange along with Melon on an angle tip brush and apply with a sweeping motion across the peach.
  • Add some Pumpkin Orange and Scarlet to shade the peach edges as well!
  • To highlight the peaches, add some yellow and watch as the color becomes more peachy.

If I have learned anything during my time of painting, it is that shading and highlighting a door hanger is a lot of trial and error. Just keep working with the door hanger until you get the colors where you like them. The key is to work while the paint is still wet. If you need to you can add a little bit of water to your brush to help you achieve that. 

paint brush adding shading to the basket of peaches

Let's Give It Some Texture

Before we give the basket some texture, we’re going to get these leaves and stems painted!

  • Paint the stems using a fine tip brush and the color Cinnamon Stick.
  • Rinse your brush and switch to Hauser Medium Green to paint the leaves and then with just a little Irish Moss on the corner of the brush, shade the edge of the leaf.

Now it’s time to move to the basket! We want to give it a rustic look so let’s talk about how to achieve that.

  • Using a dry brush, mix some Mermaid Tail with the Teal Mint to paint the insets of your basket.  Dab some of the paint off on the paper towel, and then create “scratches” along the basket so that it gives it the rustic look.
painting the basket of the door hanger with a paint brush

Add the Handlettering to the Basket of Peaches Door hanger

Remember the fine point paint brush on the supply list? Well, now is where you’re going to want to grab it.

  • Use a fine point paint brush and black paint to hand letter the words “Just Peachy” on your door hanger.

If hand lettering is difficult for you, you can etch this onto the door hanger with your laser cutter or use a printable template and graphite paper to transfer the lettering to your door hanger design. I, also, have etched blanks in my shop that already have the lettering etched onto the door hanger so it’s ready to paint! Then, you can use a paint pen or paint brush to just trace over the lettering.

Don’t worry, hand lettering takes practice. If you’re looking for tips and pointers on how to hand letter, check out my blog post.

adding hand lettering to the basket of peaches

Catch the Replay

That’s our Basket of Peaches! What do you think, do you love it? If you’d like to catch the replay, you can watch it on YouTube below. It was so much fun to paint with you guys and this design is perfect for summer!

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