Christmas Cowboy Boots

Tis the season for a Wild West Christmas! Join me as I paint these Christmas cowboy boots step-by-step.

Supply List

  1. Christmas Cowboy Boots Door Hanger Template OR Christmas Cowboy Boots Door Hanger Blank
  2. 3D Puffy Paint – Red
  3. 3D Puffy Paint – Neon Green
  4. 3D Puffy Paint – Orange
  5. 3D Puffy Paint – Navy Blue
  6. 3D Puffy Paint – Neon Yellow
  7. 3D Puffy Paint – Green
  8. Artistro Acrylic Paint Markers
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DecoArt Americana Paint Colors:

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Are you decorating in an all out Western Christmas theme this year? This door hanger I painted will be the perfect addition to your Western Christmas decoration. It’s one of the many templates that released with our Western Christmas release last month. We love how the completed door hanger turned out! Follow along with me as I paint the door hanger. 

supplies for christmas cowboy boots

Paint the Background of the Cowboy Boots

This door hanger is very simple to paint with few paint colors! To start, grab Sable Brown and Dark Chocolate to paint the background of the actual cowboy boot. Let’s get started!

  • Use the color Sable Brown to paint the top and sole of the boot at first.
  • Use the color Dark Chocolate to paint the bottom section of the cowboy boot.
  • Use Primary Red to paint the Santa hat on top of the boots.
  • Use White paint to paint the top and bottom of the Santa hat!
  • Add a second coat of Dark Chocolate paint to the cowboy boot.
Tamara painting a Christmas cowboy boot

Add Details to the Cowboy Boots

Before we add our string of lights to our Christmas cowboy boots, we need to add some details to the cowboy boots themselves. We’re going to start by grabbing some of the Artistro Paint Pens. I absolutely love these pens and reach for them often when I am painting. You can find these great pens on Amazon! When you purchase from this link, be sure to use the code TAMARABEN10 for 10% off! Here’s our next steps: 

  • Use a black paint pen to paint the etched lines down and around the cowboy boots.
  • Using the black paint pen, outline the Santa hat and white fur.
  • Using a Gold Paint Pen, trace the swirl design on the cowboy boots.

Add Christmas Lights to the Cowboy Boots

Let’s light up our Christmas cowboy boots so they’re ready for our door this season! We’re going to start by adding our light strands and then some lights to our Christmas boots. 

  1. Using a Green Paint Pen, trace the light strands on the cowboy boots.
  2. Using red, blue, yellow, neon green, and orange puffy paint start to add the lights to the light strand.
  3. Use Dark Green puffy paint to trace over the light strand and where the bulb connects to the light.

Watch the Replay

Are you more of a visual learner? You can catch the replay of this tutorial where I painted it live on Facebook. If you remake this door hanger for yourself, be sure to share it in my free Facebook Group called Door Hanger Painting Tips.

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