Christmas Tree Camper Tutorial

We’re ready for all things Christmas around here, how about you? Today I’m going to paint this Christmas Tree Trailer with you and I can’t wait to dive in and get started!

Supply List

  1. Christmas Camper Door Hanger Template OR Christmas Camper Door Hanger Blank
  2. 1 inch flat tip paint brush
  3. 1/2 inch flat tip paint brush
  4. Small Paint Brush
  5. Sponge Pouncer

DecoArt Americana Paint Colors:

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Gather Supplies

First, you’ll need to gather up all of your supplies. I have both the template and the wooden blank available in my shop. If you’d like to purchase a template, you can cut the door hanger yourself. If you’d like a ready-to-paint door hanger blank shipped to your door, purchase a wooden blank from my shop.  While there are several paint colors we’re going to use, there are only a few paint brushes and a sponge pouncer that are needed. You can find all these supplies in the supply list above. If you want to get creative and use your own paint colors, go for it! I love seeing how people remake designs that I’ve painted to fit their own tastes. Let’s dive right in!

Laying Down the Base Colors

To start off, we’ll need to paint our base coat on our camper and some of its features. I used a one inch and 1/2 inch flat tip brush for these parts because they were able to cover the most area of my door hanger with paint. Here are the steps I followed to get my base coats down!

  • Paint the background of the camper red using a 1 inch flat tip brush. 
  • Paint the Christmas tree Hauser Medium Green.
paintbrush painting the Christmas tree on the red camper green
  • Add a drop of Black to some Primary Red to paint the fender wheel with a 1/2 inch flat tip brush.
  • Paint the tire Black.
  • Paint the inside of all of the windows using Grey Sky.
  • Paint the front bumper and wheel Grey Sky.
  • Paint the window awnings White. 
  • Mix the Grey Sky with Victorian Blue to create a cloudy, sky blue to paint the camper door.

Adding the Details to the Trailer

I know that felt like a lot for base coating, but there was lots of area to cover before we could add our details. The details are what make the trailer festive so let’s add those now! Grab a sponge pouncer and a small brush and let’s get started!

  • Using Citron Green, paint the awnings on the camper and the star on the tree with a small brush.
  • Paint the trunk of the tree using Dark Chocolate.
Painting the Christmas tree trunk using brown paint and a small brush
  • Mix Black and Primary Red to create the same color as the fender. Use a sponge pouncer to make dots in a triangular pattern on your camper.
  • Using a round tip brush with Hauser Dark Green, create squiggles on your Christmas tree to give it that tree branch feel.
small paint brush adding dark green squiggle lines to christmas tree
  • Use a small sponge pouncer and Citron Green to add little ornaments to the Christmas tree.
  • Water down the Black paint just a bit, and then add some wiggly lines to various parts of your door hanger to add some accents. Don’t forget to paint the frame of your window!
  • Add some White highlights to the windows, star, and Christmas balls on the tree.
using a small brush to add highlights to the star on the Christmas tree
  • Using a wider brush and White paint, add some snow to the tree.
  • Using a round tip brush and the Peony Pink, Royal Blue, Canyon Orange, and Primary Yellow create the lights on your camper string.
using a small brush to add Christmas lights to the Christmas tree camper

Watch the Replay

Isn’t this so fun and festive? Perfect for a camper door or even the front door of your home! Did you catch when I painted this live on my Facebook page? You can watch the replay below and paint along with me if you’re more of a visual learner. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and like my page on Facebook so that you can stay up to date on all my latest video tutorials.

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