Church Hymn Door Hanger

"Then sings my soul..." church door hanger, from the hymn "How Great Thou Art"! Here's the video tutorial with a splatter & stained glass paint technique!

Church Hymn Door Hanger

Hey again! This week I wanted to feature another brand new door hanger design! Look at this sweet church door hanger we painted live on the Southern A-Door-nments Facebook page! It features these really cool stained glass windows, and a splatter paint technique for the background. Plus I finished this one off with some lettering “…then sings my soul…” from one of my favorite hymns, “How Great Thou Art”!

Supply List

  1. Large Flat Tip Brush (for dry brush technique)
  2. Assorted Paint Brush Set
  3. Round Tip Brush Set
  4. Flat Tip Paint Brush Set
  5.  “Country Church” Door Hanger Blank
  6. -OR- “Country Church” Printable Template and Digital Cut File
  7. Old, clean toothbrush
  8. Baby Wipes

And Colors of DecoArt Americana Matte Acrylic Paints:

  1. Black
  2. White
  3. Gray Sky
  4. Zinc
  5. Bluegrass Green
  6. Razzle Berry
  7. Melon
  8. Antique Gold
  9. Bahama Blue
  10. Light Avocado

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Painting the Church Door Hanger

You can grab the ready-to-paint MDF blank for this church from my online shop. Or, if you prefer to cut your own wooden door hangers at home, grab the printable template and digital cut file from the shop. (Click here to get more information about which one to choose if you’re a beginner!)

And since a lot of you have told me that hand lettering is really hard for you, I’ve made it a little easier. The words to the hymn are etched right onto the blank, or printed right onto the template! (Psst if you are one of those people that is afraid of hand lettering, check out this post about a technique that makes it easy!)

Egg Carton Paint Palette for Country Church and Hymn Door Hanger

The Splatter Technique

When I was first planning out this design, I wanted to add a splatter effect to the background behind the church. So for my first step, I tried a splatter technique using an old toothbrush. And thanks to some tips from some of my facebook followers during my facebook live painting of the church, I thinned the paint with water. Then I used my index finger to gently splatter the paint, rubbing from the front of the toothbrush to the back. 

That’s just one of the many reasons that I love going live on my Facebook page – there are so many great people that join in and we all learn together!

While I was painting, I tried to keep the splattered paint off of the main part of the church. Another tip I received during my Facebook live from Brittany was to cut out the church portion of the printed paper template and lay it on top of the church part of the door hanger to keep the paint off of it. I didn’t get a chance to try it but it might be helpful to you at home!

Once I had the splattered background, I painted the main parts of the church building  light gray, and the roof dark gray.

The Dry Brush and Stained Glass Techniques


I wanted this church to have an aged, rustic feel like an old country church. So I got a big stiff flat dry brush for a dry brush technique. I took some black paint, blotted it and, starting at the edges of the roof and walls, just wiped quickly from side to side with the dry brush to make a streaky effect.

Then my next challenge for the church door hanger was to paint some stained glass windows. I used the same colors as my splattered background because I didn’t want it to be too busy and overwhelming. I wanted them to tie together and not distract from each other. 

First I grabbed a round tip brush and began randomly painting little wiggles of color inside the lines of the window. I slowly filled in the windows with all of the colors, wiggling little color blobs into the open spaces. Tip: Use a hair dryer in between colors to dry the paint and prevent it from smearing!

For the finishing details, I painted the steeple in antique gold. Then I went over the edges and outlined with a size 1 round tip brush in black to make the details pop. Finally I traced out the etched lettering for the hymn, “then sings my soul…” with black paint and the same brush.

Watch Each Step of This Country Church Door Hanger:

If you already follow me on facebook, you might have already watched this painted church hymn door hanger video tutorial when I did it live.

If not, take a look to see each step as I painted it! Plus, you’ll hear more about my upcoming Southern A-Door-nments LIVE event this spring in Nashville, TN!

I’m so excited that we’re planning another “creative retreat” for you all with lots of door hanger painting, guest crafters, tips and info sessions for having your own paint party business, swag bags of free goodies, and just lots of fun and crafting together. I hope you can join us, too! Just make sure you check it out before tickets sell out!

I was worried that some of the techniques might not work like I wanted them to look, but I love how it turned out! In fact, I’ve already received so many compliments about this wooden church door hanger! I love the fact that you can really use it year-round for your front porch decor, but it also works perfectly around the holidays for Christmas, or  in the Spring for Easter.


I hope you give this one a try, too! Don’t forget – you can always find the painting supplies that you need in my online shop or Amazon door hanger supply storefront, and you can get started by grabbing the door hanger blanks or printable templates and digital cut files from my online store:

Church Door Hanger Ad
how to paint a church door hanger ad

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