Cutting Earrings with the Thunder Laser

You guys know I have been like a kid in a candy store playing with my new Thunder Laser Nova 24. Today, I’m going to show you how to cut adorable Christmas Cake earrings from scraps of wood using the Thunder Laser Nova 24. These festive earrings are sure to get you in the Christmas spirit!

Supply List

  1. Thunder Laser Nova 24
  2. Scrap Wood Pieces (I used 1/4″ Revolution Plywood)
  3. Earring Hooks

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DIY Christmas Cake Earrings

I cut these Christmas Cake earrings from 1/4” Revolution Plywood from Lowe’s. Believe it or not I was actually able to get almost fifty pairs of earrings out of this one piece of scrap wood. The earrings ended up being about 1.5” tall and all I had to do was add hooks that I bought from Amazon.

Christmas Cake earrings being cut in the Thunder Laser

Using a Camera with my Thunder Laser

I actually upgraded my Thunder Laser Nova 24 by mounting a camera to the underside of the lid. This allows me to see a real time image of the scrap wood on the cutting bed of the laser. I then lay out the earrings on the areas of the wood that remain. This allows me to use up all the space on the wood that I can while also planning ahead on how many earrings I am able to cut out.

Screen view of what Using a Camera with the Thunder Laser

How to Use These Earrings

The options for what you can do with these earrings really are endless! You could sell the earrings unfinished to a crafter to paint. If you’d like to cut earrings in bulk, offer unfinished earrings in bulk to your buyer. If painting is your favorite part, paint these earring cutouts and sell them. You could make your money back quickly due to how many you can cutout at one time.

Score a Pair of these Earrings for Yourself

Do you want a pair of these adorable earrings for yourself but you can’t get your hands on the Thunder Laser right now? Let me fill you in on a little secret! These earrings are going to be available as free gifts during the Black Friday sale in my shop. When you spend $50 or more on the sale you can expect to find these earrings tucked away in your order. Don’t miss out on the Black Friday sale and the opportunity to get yourself some earrings!

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