DIY Coir Doormat Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to customize a coir doormat for your front door? Today I'm going to share with you how to do just that!

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To be honest I was a little nervous for this project but it turned out so cute. It matches my “Home Sweet Home” door hanger with strawberries that I painted in the Painter’s Clubhouse with my PC sisters. It also perfectly coordinates with the strawberry porch leaner attachment I painted and added to the welcome sign. Now my front porch is festive and ready for summer!

Prepping Your Doormat

Even I am still learning tricks and techniques when it comes to my craft projects. Would you believe I used my laser cutting machine to prep this project? I actually laser etched the design onto the doormat using my Thunder Laser.

Laser Etched Doormat

Painting Your Doormat

We’re probably going to use more paint in this project than you think as we will have to dab it on pretty heavy. The doormat soaks up the paint quickly, it might even be better to squeeze the paint directly onto the doormat then dab at it with a paint brush. I used the color True Red for the strawberry, then I shaded it with some of the Deep Burgundy.

Painting the Strawberry on the Coir Doormat

Using the color Festive Green, paint the leaves on the strawberry. I then used the color Irish Moss to add some highlight lines along the edge of the leaves on the strawberry.

Shading on the Coir Doormat

Adding the Strawberry Seeds

Using a paint bottle with black paint, squeeze the paint onto the strawberry to add seeds to the strawberry. Finally add some highlights to the strawberry using the color Watermelon Slice. Once that’s all done your mat is ready to go! I just left the lettering etched and didn’t paint over them so this project is a quick and easy DIY project.

Painting the Strawberry Seeds

Watch the Replay

Looking for a more visual tutorial? You can catch the replay of this tutorial on YouTube below. It was so much fun to try this different kind of DIY project with you guys! I hope you love it as much as I do. 

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