DIY Paint Swatches

Ever find yourself wondering which paint colors look best together or how a paint color looks once it’s on wood? If so, these popsicle paint swatches are for you! While they initially take some time to create, they will be so beneficial down the road.

Supply List

  1. Popsicle Sticks
  2. Paintbrushes
  3. DecoArt Americana Paint
  4. Sharpie or Ball Point Pen

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Are you always looking for a quick and easy way to pick paint colors for your project? It can be hard when the color of the paint on the bottle actually differs once it’s painted on the wood. We have the perfect solution. I love the idea of a “paint stick” to help you get a feel for how the paint will look once it’s painted on a wooden background. It’s similar to a paint sample, except it’s on craft sticks that you can keep on hand as you pick out paint colors for your next project.

DIY Paint Swatch Popsicle Sticks

Let’s get started creating our paint sticks, shall we? First, protect your work surface. I recommend laying down some newspaper or cardboard. Next, you’re going to want to line up a few bottles of paint that you will be working with first. Place a jumbo popsicle stick in front of the bottle. 

Using a ballpoint pen, write the name of the paint on the popsicle stick. If you would like to use a Sharpie, “paint” your craft stick with white glue first and let it dry before you write on it. This will prevent the Sharpie from running on the wood. Writing the name on your craft stick before you paint will help you not get confused when painting, if you are using paint that is similar in color. 

TIP: If you’re a painter with a variety of paint brands, it might be beneficial to add the paint brand to the popsicle stick as well so that you can quickly identify the bottle of paint when searching for the color you want.

Tamara writing "banana cream" on a craft stick with a Sharpie and yellow paint

Once you have your name on your stick, it is time to paint. You’re going to paint the popsicle sticks using a paint brush while holding it at one end with the tips of your fingers. You can paint on the back too, if you want.

Let the painted sticks dry and then they are ready to be used to help you pick the best paints for your next paint project.

Painting the Craft Sticks

Paints that I Use

If you’ve been following along with me for a while it won’t come as a shock that I recommend DecoArt Americana Paints. I’ve used many different paints but I love the quality and coverage that this paint provides. I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside the team at the DecoArt factory to put together some paint packs with my most frequently used colors in them. I have three different packs available that you can find on the DecoArt website.

My Favorite Paint Colors

If you’re wanting to purchase some paints but aren’t sure where to start, I’ve created a list of my favorite paint colors. These are the colors that I almost always gravitate towards when painting. My painting style is bright and whimsical and the colors in my list of favorites definitely reflect that. Head to the resources section on my website to grab the full list of My Favorite DecoArt Paint colors. You can purchase these online or at your local craft store!

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    1. Tamara has them standing on end in a jar or pencil holder type container. Paint side up, of course, so she can quickly grab the color she likes.

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