DIY Stocking Tags with the Thunder Laser Nova 24

I used my Thunder Laser Nova 24 recently to create DIY stocking tags for my family’s stockings this Christmas. I love how the stocking tags turned out!

I am finding so many fun DIY projects to create with my Thunder Laser Nova 24. I use it often to cut door hangers, and if you missed my blog post, I have also used it to make my own festive earrings! The possibilities really are endless. Let me walk you through how I made these adorable stocking tags so you can create these DIY stocking tags too!

Supply List

  1. Thunder Laser Nova 24
  2. 1/4″ Revolution Plywood
  3. Miniwax Dark Walnut Stain
  4. Valspar Gloss White Spray Paint
  5. Gloves
  6. Sponge Brush
  7. Jute String
  8. Stick Fast Wood Glue

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Cut the Stocking Tags and Name

My DIY stocking tags are about six inches long. I used 1/4” Revolution plywood from Lowe’s to create these, you know that’s my favorite wood to use. First, I cut the tags and then I cut the name out using my Thunder Laser Nova 24 machine. I love the capability this machine has to cut the tiny details of the name. If you are a business owner or frequent crafter, the investment in this machine might be a good option considering everything you can do. 

The name Michael being cut out on a piece of wood.

Staining Your DIY Stocking Tags

Once my stocking tags were cut, I used Miniwax Dark Walnut Stain on the tags. Be sure to use gloves to protect your hands from the wood stain. I used a sponge brush to apply the stain evenly.  I, then, used Valspar Gloss White spray paint to paint the names. 

The Miniwax stain used to stain the

How to Assemble Your DIY Stocking Tag

Once the stain and paint were dry, I assembled the stocking tags with the Stick Fast wood glue that you can find in my Amazon shop. I added jute string so that they can easily hang beside the stockings and tada, my DIY stocking tags are complete!

Completed stocking tags hanging from stockings

I absolutely love how these stocking tags turned out and I am loving how easy they were to cut thanks to my Thunder Laser Nova 24! This machine is mighty but it doesn’t skip out on the details. If you’re considering purchasing a Thunder Laser Nova 24, I encourage you to check out this blog post about using the Thunder Laser in your business. It could very well take your business to the next level!

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