Etched vs. No Etching Wood Blanks

When shopping my website, you may come across wood blanks that are labeled "ETCHED" and "NO ETCHING," but what's the difference? Today we're going to dive into what etching is and why it's helpful!

What Does "Etched" Mean?

Are you a beginner painter? Do you like having a little more structure and assistance when you’re painting a door hanger? If that’s the case, choose “ETCHED” on your wood blanks at purchase! Your blank will arrive with all of the inside design lines etched right onto the door hanger. You just fill in the outlines with the colors and patterns of your choice, and you’ll have a finished design that looks just like the one we’ve featured. Just like the “paint-by-number” kits you enjoyed when you were a child, the etched blanks are an easy way to build your confidence and make a great looking design even if you’re just starting out!

Tamara holding an etched door hanger blank

I'm an Advanced Painter, Which Blanks Should I Get?

If you’re a more advanced painter, you might prefer our regular blanks where you can let your imagination run wild! They arrive from our shop with only the outer shape cut out. The inside is completely blank and ready for your creative interpretation! Feel free to use our samples for inspiration, or make a design that is completely new and different. The sky is the limit with these open-ended cutouts!

Trying to Etch a Blank You Cut at Home?

If you are using a laser cutting machine, you can add etching lines to your door hanger too! I wrote a blog post about how to etch with a Thunder Laser. It’s a tutorial for adding etching to wooden trays, but it would also work for adding etched lines to a blank. If you purchase the template in my shop, you will get the file that has the lines to etch on your door hanger blank too. While this is a great use for a laser cutting machine, I would suggest doing a lot of research before you pull the trigger on one of these pricey machines. If you’re looking for more information about the Thunder Laser or Glowforge Pro, check out my blog post comparing the two machines.

Have Etched Lettering You Want To Cover Up?

While etched blanks are very convenient and user friendly, you might come across an etched blank that has etched lettering or features you wish to cover up. I wrote an entire blog post on how to cover up etched lettering. All you need is some wood filler and a squeegee. Check out my blog post for step-by-step instructions on how to cover up the lettering or accents on etched wood!

Shop Wood Blanks

Whether you’re looking for etched wood blanks, wood blanks with no etching, or even templates to cut your own door hanger blanks, you can find a little bit of everything in my shop at There are so many designs to choose from and your creativity can run wild with a mix of etched blanks and no etching blanks. I can’t wait to see what you create! 

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