Friday Fab Five by Southern ADOORnments

First Friday Fab Five!

Say that five times really fast, right? Anyway, I’m very excited to announce one of my newest features – Friday Fab Five!

Every Friday morning I will be live on my Facebook page at 9:30 am CST, and I’m going to share five of my favorite fabulous finds each week! I hope you can join me, but if not you can always catch up right here on my blog.

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So, here are five things I am loving this week from my recent Facebook live video!

My (very first) Friday Fab Five:

1: C25k app

Winter is so hard, y’all. Every summer I am super motivated to get in shape and lose some weight, but then winter hits and I lose momentum. I want to get back in shape to enjoy this summer and keep up with my kids and family. So, I’ve just started the Couch to 5k program and this phone app is a perfect workout partner to keep me on track and motivated. I hope it will help keep me on target for my fitness goals.

And here are my C25k bonus tips in case you missed them:

First Friday Fab Five by Southern ADOORnments
  • First, listen to some music that you listened to in high school because it will make you feel young and light again.
  • Next, buy some cute workout clothes, because if you feel cute, you’re more motivated to get out and work it.
  • Third, focus on how good you will feel right after you run and how that good feeling will last for the rest of the day!

Friday Fab Five by Tamara Bennett
Inspiration for summer fitness – kayaking with my family!

2: Zaxby’s DIY salad hack

This was something I did on a whim but it’s my new obsession! You know how fast food salads can be loaded with calories? But sometimes you’re just too busy to cook up a healthy meal for yourself, right? Well, I was in line for Zaxby’s drive-thru for food for the kids and decided to order just a blackened chicken breast for myself. I took it home and threw it together with some fresh lettuce from my fridge, then added a little cheese. Delicious, and so easy. Bonus tip – add a little Zaxby’s sauce to some ranch dressing and it makes it extra tasty with just a kick of spice!

3: Martha Stewart Polka Dot “Specialty Sponges”

Here’s a crafting find for you! You probably have already heard me rave about one of my favorite craft tools – Martha Stewart Polka Dot Sponge Pouncers. Well, I just picked up a new tool from Martha Stewart at Michael’s, and I’ve found them at Amazon, too. These are in the Craft Specialty Sponges Set. The largest dot size is about 3 inches, and then there are three smaller sizes too. Look for them the next time you’re in Michael’s, or just order them right now from my Amazon shop and you’ll get them in a day or two!

4: “Where the Wild Things Are” Earrings

Because everybody needs cute earrings! These are some of my favorite earrings, and they’re from the Inspired by You Jewelry store! You can see me wearing them in the Facebook live video. I love them because they are leather and so lightweight. They make a great statement piece that you can dress up with a cute dress, or dress down with jeans and a tee. They are the best quality, and I feel like they are very neutral with the stacked, layered black and white stripes under the leopard animal print. I wear them with everything! You can find them at Inspired by You Jewelry and use my code “PAINT10” to get 10% off your order!

First Friday Fab Five by Southern ADOORnments

5: The New Southern A-DOOR-nments Shop!

Ok, this is kind of cheating because it’s my own thing, but I’m pretty excited about my new Shopify store! Have you visited yet? Code “FIRST10” will give you 10% off your first order! We have plenty of my favorite craft supplies, stencils,door hanger blanks, and templates for sale for your DIY paint project, just like in the old shop. And now our door hanger templates all come with the digital cut file (DXF, EPS, JPG, & SVG) for your laser cutting machine! If you don’t have a laser cutting machine, you can use them to cut templates on your Cricut or Silhouette at home. Bonus tip – check out our cute painting t-shirts – stock up your summer crafting wardrobe using the discount code!

Friday Fab Five by Southern ADOORnments
One of the cute craft shirts you’ll find in our new shop!

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