Frankenstein DIY Painted Door Accent

This painted Frankenstein accent piece is the perfect DIY project for your Halloween decor! Get the products I've used and a quick video tutorial for fall!

Are you the kind of person that likes creepy or cute Halloween decor? This Frankenstein painted decor accent is the perfect DIY addition to your cute Halloween decor this year! Painting him is almost too easy! And did you notice his adorable chin stubble?

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You might remember my recent blog post with some of my favorite painted door hangers for Halloween. I featured Mrs. Frankenstein there, so now I wanted to show off her partner, Frankenstein!

But this time I wanted to do something a little different. So I painted this one in a 12” accent size. It would be too small to be considered a door hanger, but is perfect to be used as a porch sign attachment or wreath attachment.

Frankenstein DIY Halloween Door Hanger by Southern ADOORnmnents

Perfect Size for a Decor Accent!

Here you can get an idea of his actual size next to my painting supplies.

If you’d like to paint your own, you can get the etched blank in our shop! Choose your size – a full size door hanger or this smaller accent. The etched lines on the blank make it super easy to paint because you don’t have to freehand draw any of his face on the blank. It’s almost like paint by number!

If you’re pretty savvy with the jigsaw, you can save even more money by using the printable template available in our shop. It also has the face lines drawn on the template. You can easily place a piece of graphite paper between the template in the wood and trace on top of the template to transfer these lines to your wood. Easy peasy!

Ready to Paint? Here's What You Need!

You can watch all these steps and see exactly how I painted mine in the quick video tutorial below!

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