Friday Fab Five Roundup for February 2022

A roundup of the best Friday Fab Fives from the month of February 2022.

Every Friday, I go live from my Facebook page, Southern Adoornments Decor, and talk about my five favorite items of the week. Sometimes, they are items for crafters and painters. Sometimes, they are items for around the house and sometimes, they are things that my followers have sent in as their favorite items.

At the end of the month, I want to recap the items I showed throughout the previous month on my blog along with the appropriate links so my viewers can refer back the this great information. So, watch for more Roundup posts in the future!

For the Crafter

Steamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron –  You  may have seen me use this during my Facebook Live where I adhered one of my designs printed on card stock to a Dollar Tree wooden plaque. I’ve been seeing this tip on TikTok using a mini travel iron and I’ve wanted to try it instead of using Mod Podge. I’ve always hated the mess that Mod Podge makes. This little iron was small enough to fit in my hand, got really hot and worked very well for heating the plastic wrap causing the paper design to stick to the plaque.

King Art Mixed Media Gel Sticks – These are kind of like crayons for adults! I found these at Marshall’s for around $16. Essentially, they are wax just like crayons, only softer, that you can use to color and draw. You can color with them dry or use a paintbrush dipped into some water to paint with them like watercolors. You can even dip the get stick in water and use it and it blends as you color. 

For the Painter

Tamara’s Rainbow Paint Pack –  Decoart put together a set of paints with my favorite colors in them. There are 12 of them in a pack. White, grey sky and sable brown are the only colors that I use that are not in this pack. So if you want to paint along with me, you can buy this pack and always have most of the paints I will use.

Plastic Wood Filler –  if you have not tried wood filler, you need to go pick some up. There are a bunch of different brands and this is one that I just picked up at Walmart. It’s not the end-all be-all wood filler ever but it got job done. I really haven’t found one that I think is better than all the others. This is called Plastic Wood it looks and acts like real wood. You can squeeze it out of the little tube at the end it comes out, like a putty and it’s already colored like wood. It fixes cracks and gouges and is shrink and crack resistant. It dries hard and smooth and it’s easy clean up with water. I hate oil-based stuff is such a mess to clean up so. 

So Soft Fabric Paint –   These are awesome. They’re specially made for painting on fabric. The label says the paint won’t crack peel or harden and the colors remain vibrant even after washing. hey’re intentionally highly pigmented for permanent finish. Also get one little bottle of the fabric painting medium.  If you were watching on Tuesday, I had forgotten to buy a brown or an orange of the So Soft fabric paint  so I mixed this fabric painting medium with your regular craft paint and it makes it into a fabric paint.

For Around the House

White barstool (from my craft room) – Everyone always asks about my chair that I use in my craft room when I am on Live video. I bought it several years ago but I finally found one for sale online just like it. It is a barstool and is taller than a normal chair but it is perfect for sitting at my craft desk while I paint.

For Women

Malibu C Un-Do-Goo > pH 9 clarifying shampooI needed a good clarifying shampoo. Clarifying shampoo gets rid of all the gunk in your hair. So any kind of like hairspray, dry shampoo, all that stuff that we put in our hair, it gets to building up and it can stick to your hair. Then, you’re just putting more and more product on top of product. Your hair gets heavy like that and has a film. Clarifying shampoo strips that product off and helps you start fresh with like super clean hair. Now, you’re not going to want to do the clarifying shampoo, every single wash. Because from what I understand, it can lighten your hair color if you color your hair but it’s also got a lot of very natural ingredients in it. 

For Everyone

Composition Book iPad CoverPeople online have been noticing that my iPad has this cool little cover. My Fintie SlimShell Case for iPad Pro has a lot of stickers on it  but the thing that’s great about it is it’s got this little spot right here to hold the apple pencil so I don’t lose my apple pencil. They have these in all different patterns but mine looks like a cheap composition notebook. This is great if I forget and leave it laying somewhere, it just looks like a notebook and not my iPad. 

More of my Favorite Things

If you want to catch more of my favorite things, then visit my Southern Adoornments Decor Facebook page on Fridays at 9:30am CST, where I will share with you 5 more of my favorite finds for the week!

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