Friday Fab Five Roundup for March 2022

A roundup of the best Friday Fab Fives from the month of March 2022.

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Fab Finds For the Crafter

Ranger Heat It Craft Tool– I have received so many questions about this little tool every time I am online. Many of you know I’ve been using a hair dryer for drying my paint as I’m working. The hair dryer makes so much noise that it is hard to hear anything else. A follower recommended that I try this Heat It Craft Tool and it has made all the difference in saving time and reducing the amount of noise on my painting tutorials. It also dries my paint faster than the regular blow dryer. To save some time and your ear drums, try this tool out.

Fab Finds For the Painter

Martol Multi-Use Paintbrush Basin – I received a recommendation for this little gem from follower, Sherry Generally. It is an all purpose painting and crafting organizer that holds your paint as well as the water that you will need to rinse out your brushes.

Stencils – Yes, I sell stencils along with door hangers! I have quite a selection of designs that can be found in my store, In case your leopard pattern painting skills are not good, you can always buy a leopard print stencil to get the job done. If you are into cutting your own mylar, I have the stencil cut files so you can make your own stencils.

Stencil Portfolio Binder – This is the perfect binder for me to store all of my stencils in. The pages are just the right size for most of my stencils and it makes it easy to take my stencils to paint parties. All you need to do is take the binder and flip through the pages to find the stencil you need.

Flowers for Mom Template – I painted this door hanger design for four nights in a row on live video. It may sound boring but each night I painted it a little different and put a different spin on it. This is always a fun week! The videos are available on my Southern Adoornments Decor Facebook page and on my YouTube Channel.

Fab Finds For Women

No Boundaries Juniors’ Knit Flare Pants – I found these great leggings at Walmart! They are in the juniors size range and are the MOST comfortable leggings ever. They hug through the hips and thighs but then flare out at the ankles. They even come in florals and camo.

Fab Finds For Everyone

Newly Revised Beginner’s Guide to Painting Door Hangers – You know we have a Door Hanger 101 ebook but I wrote it 4 years ago. I decided it was time to update it! It has all new links, new products and is 30 pages long. It is full of painting videos to help anyone get started painting door hangers. Then, I renamed it and it is now available for FREE on my website. Click the link and enter your name and email address to receive an email containing the link to the new ebook.

More of my Favorite Things

If you want to catch more of my favorite things, then visit my Southern Adoornments Decor Facebook page on Fridays at 9:30am CST, where I will share with you 5 more of my favorite finds for the week!

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