Growing Your Creative Business: What's Holding You Back?

You all know I love to help people learn to paint door hangers! But recently I’ve also started to help more people learn to build and grow their door hanger businesses. And I know that so many of you reading this are ready to take your own painting hobby and turn it into a business. Or you’re ready to take your business to the next level. So today I want to talk about getting the motivation to make it happen! Well, what’s holding you back from growing your painting hobby into a creative business that you love?

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Growing Your Creative Business is All About Challenging Yourself

Here’s one of my biggest secrets. I always, always try to challenge myself.

And I’m always ready to look for a new idea or a new plan to help my business grow.

For example – a few weeks ago I stepped out of my comfort zone and actually hired a professional photographer to shoot some photos of me. I needed some new pic inspiration for my own business here at Southern A-DOOR-nments.

You all – I am normally the queen of just grabbing phone selfies! Or I hand my phone to my husband or a friend and make them snap a shot or two while I’m working. So this felt like a big deal for me.

Well, let me tell you. It was a BLAST. 

I had Cari Smith of Design Derby Studio come to my craft studio for the afternoon.

And I felt like a queen! We had so much fun. I felt pampered and professional. And the photos are so worth it.

Now you might not be at a place in your own business where you want to hire a professional photographer. Trust me – I’ve been building my door hanger business for years and this is the first time I’ve ever used one!

But it’s a good example of how I always want to look for the next challenge. To make sure I’m always taking a step forward with my business.

And that’s exactly what I know you can do in your business! 

Even if it’s just a little step. What’s holding you back?

Whatever it is, I bet I can help! 


Turn Your "Can't! " Into "How?"

Here’s what I want you to do right now. Go grab a pencil and a piece a paper. Or, let’s get real – a scrap of junk mail and a broken crayon will work too!

Write down your biggest “can’t” that is keeping you from having the business you want. From doing the work that you know you love, while helping to support your family.

Now, look at that great big obstacle in your way, holding you back from your dreams. And turn that “can’t” into a “how”.

I’m telling you – this will shift your brain. Your mind will stop being caught by the obstacle and start troubleshooting ways to move around it. You will challenge yourself to start solving problems and making plans to move forward. 

For example, maybe it’s being a busy mom to young kids. Because I know what that is like! 

I started my own paint party business when I was eight months pregnant with two little boys at home. It was hard – I would nurse my new baby Charlie in between paint party sessions! 

Or maybe you have a full-time job and your door hanger business is just a side hustle right now. And it’s a struggle to find the time to focus on it when there’s so much else going on.

Maybe you felt creative for a while, but now you’re in a slump and can’t get back in the groove. It happens to everyone, I even have a blog post that will help you get out of your creative slump. I want to encourage you to check it out if you feel like that is you right now. 

So find your “how” to make it happen! Ask yourself, this is what I need to do – how will I make it happen?

Remember – challenge yourself and set a goal!

How can you carve out a couple of hours to host a paint party, or an hour or two to paint?

Maybe you can be listing door hangers for sale while sitting in your car waiting for your kids after ball practice. Try cutting out Netflix for a weekend and instead doing a paint party. Or asking your husband to take over bath time and bedtime one night while you hang out in your garage and paint some cute new door hanger designs. 

Whatever it is that works for you, do it! And look for your next “CAN’T!” that needs to be turned into a “HOW?”!


Invest Where It Matters!

If you’re like me, you’re terrible at cleaning your house. 

So here’s what I did. I hired someone to start coming to clean my house. They were so much better and more efficient than I was. 

And guess what? 

While they were cleaning, I was painting! 

And that money I made from working on my business paid for that housekeeper plus a lot more. 

So maybe it’s a babysitter. Or maybe it’s some better technology or painting tools to make your work easier. Try taking a course or business program to help you grow.

It’s worth it if it helps you build your business. You’ll end up getting that money back, plus more, because you’ll be able to grow!

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Involve Your Family When Growing Your Creative Business!

Do you know what I used to do right after every paint party?

As soon as I got home, I started counting the cash I made on the kitchen counter. And my kids were so excited!

Let your kids see the business you’re growing. Share your business goals and dreams with your spouse. Get everyone on board and build your own personal support group!

Having a door hanger or crafting business might not look like a traditional 9-5 job in an office cubicle. And it’s definitely a lot more fun. But that doesn’t mean it’s not still a real job. And that means that it’s something that you (and your family) should start to  take seriously!

Have a Servant's Heart

Obviously I love painting and door hangers. But this is so much more for me.

I truly believe that what I do can help people change their lives.

I can teach people to paint. And that starts as a fun, creative outlet. They start to get self-confidence. And before you know it, they’re ready to turn that hobby into a business.

That’s why I really believe that doing things like  my Painter’s Clubhouse membership and my Facebook live painting tutorials can truly help others.

My faith as a Christian teaches me to have a servant’s heart – to serve others first. And I let that guide me every day I work and build my business.

So don’t just focus on what you can sell and make. Always think about how you can help others and be a blessing through your work, too. 

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I hope you found some great tips here! I know that you can get past those obstacles! 

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