How Lola the Cow Changed Deana’s Life

I recently did an interview with Deana Clingerman about her experience as a Painter’s Clubhouse member and what the Painter’s Clubhouse means to her.

Meet Deana

Deana is a retired elementary school teacher from Yukon, Oklahoma who joined the Painter’s Clubhouse as a birthday present to herself in April of this year. Now (just a few months later) she has a thriving paint party business (DC Creatives)  and has found a niche painting animal portraits! 

Deana said that she took art classes in college and that she had done some art and painting while a teacher, but nothing to the extent of what she is doing now. After retiring, Deana was looking for something to fill her time and possibly make a little money with after retirement. She started by hosting children in her home to paint, then after Lola she started hosting paint parties for adults too.

ladies doing a door hanger party with deana clingerman

Who is Lola?

Deana says that Lola completely changed her life. If you don’t know who Lola is, Lola is a highland cow door hanger that we painted last Spring together for a workshop. She’s a cute whimsical cow that was a big hit amongst my community. I mean really though, look how cute she was!

From Cows to Horses

Deana’s sister is the executive director for a therapeutic riding facility. Every year they have a gala where people donate auction items. Deana thought that she would paint some of their horses for the gala similar to how Lola was painted. As she was painting the designs looked more realistic and less whimsical. These horse designs lead to painting other animals and now she’s painting pet portraits for commission.

Ready to Learn More?

Are you hearing Deana’s story and ready to learn more? You can watch the replay of her amazing interview below. I had so much fun interviewing her and getting to know her better. If you want to join us in the Painter’s Clubhouse we’d love to have you! It’s a great community of women who are there to build each other up and encourage you on your artistic journey.

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