How to Confidently Sell Your Door Hangers

So you’ve taken up this new hobby of painting door hangers and you’re ready to see if you can make some money by selling them. As much as you enjoy creating these beautiful door hangers, posting about it on Facebook to generate sales seems like a vulnerable leap of faith. Let’s dive into how you can ease your nerves and confidently market door hangers on Facebook!

Staging Your Photo to Sell Door Hangers

First things first take a good photo of your door hanger. Stage your door hanger in such a way that the photo you take is visually appealing. This will stop those Facebook scrollers in their tracks! If you’re unsure how to stage your photo, I have a blog post on techniques for staging door hangers and taking great photos that you need to check out!

Patriotic Bird Door Hanger Staging on paper

Start Selling Your Door Hangers to Facebook

Before you take the time to create a Facebook page to sell your door hangers, I highly recommend to start by posting to your personal Facebook page. Use the post as a way to show off this new “hobby” you’ve taken up, but don’t say that you’re selling them. Wait for someone to comment asking if you can make one, then say, “Yes! Send me a private message.” When they message you, offer them a price you are comfortable with and wait for a sale. It’s important not to post the price in the comments of the post, because it will keep people curious about how much you’re selling the door hangers for.

Be Patient, Sales Will Come

Don’t fret if the first person that messages you doesn’t bite on the price you offer. You may feel the need to adjust your pricing, but don’t sell yourself short. The sales will eventually come and once you have your first one, the confidence is sure to grow! 

Not sure how to price your door hanger? If you’re just starting, it can be difficult to know how to price your door hangers. You don’t want to overcharge if you’re not experienced but you also don’t want to not make enough money to cover your time and expenses. If you’re on the hunt for pricing advice check out this blog post I wrote for how to price your door hangers.

Tamara holding a bunch of door hangers

I hope you take the time and talent you have put into each door hanger into consideration when you’re considering marketing your door hangers. Knowing that each piece has been handmade and well thought out will help you to confidently market your door hangers as well. For more tips and tricks be sure you like and follow my Facebook page! I am very active with my community on there and am offering free advice and tips regularly. I hope to see you there!

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