How to Create a Schedule for Your Business

Hey guys, today we’re going to be talking business! Sometimes it feels like as a business owner that time slips right away from you. If you run a business you may have noticed that you’re able to get more work done when you schedule your tasks out instead of jumping back and forth between tasks. Today we’re going to discuss how to create a schedule for your business so you can work more efficiently.

What You'll Be Learning:

1. Creating a Scheduled Time to Cut Orders

2. How to Save Time When Painting on a Schedule

3. Scheduling Time to Package and Ship

4. Create a Schedule for Your Social Media

5. How to Allow for Flexibility in Your Schedule

Creating a Scheduled Time to Cut Orders

In order to work more efficiently I recommend setting aside a day, or days, each week to cut orders. When you’re trying to create a schedule for your business it’s important to note how many orders you average. Using this average, you can decide how much time a week to set aside for this. Cutting all of your orders for the week at once means you’re not pulling your wood out several times a day or several times a week. This will also allow you to cut multiple blanks at once.

How to Save Time When Painting on a Schedule

When creating a schedule in your business, think about what all designs you offer and what products you’re having to create for the week ahead. If you’re able to paint the orders in bulk, you will save time and avoid wasting paint. Put as many of the same orders together as you can and then paint them all together. Paint all the background colors at once then paint all the details next. Painting these parts of the door hangers one after the other allows the door hangers to dry in between steps. It is also very convenient for you as the painter because you don’t have to keep rinsing your brush and getting more paint. I promise you if you start painting in bulk it will make your orders go by more quickly!

Tamara Bennett Painting a Door Hanger

Scheduling Time to Package and Ship

Once your door hangers are cut and painted it’s time to package and ship. If you’ve ever shipped your door hangers you know that this can be a job in itself. When creating a schedule for your business I recommend scheduling in a shipping day. Just like painting the orders in bulk saves time, saving all your items to be shipped on a specific day saves you time on your cutting and painting days too.

Shipping door hangers at the post office

Create a Schedule for Your Social Media

As you create a schedule for your business, you will want to schedule in time to manage your social media. Maybe you schedule all your posts for the week on Monday morning, then you login every morning to respond to comments. Take some time every morning for emails and social media then when you’re done put it away. Social media or a phone in general can be a huge distraction when you’re trying to work. If you set aside times to check those things, then put the phone away when you’re working you will find yourself being more productive!

Tamara Bennett on the Computer for Southern A-Door-nments Decor

How to Allow for Flexibility in Your Schedule

It’s important to understand that your schedule can change week to week. Is there bad weather headed your way the beginning of next week? Maybe instead of taking a day off this week, you go ahead and cut your door hangers for next week. Don’t forget to take that day off next week though, because it’s important to give yourself some rest.

I recommend visiting your schedule weekly to see how it should be adjusted based on weather or even the amount of orders that you have to complete for the week. Some weeks may offer more flexibility, while others may need three days to paint or cut instead of one or two. The beauty of this business is that you can totally control your own schedule!

Looking for More Tips on How to Run Your Door Hanger Business?

I hope that this has given you some insight on how to create a schedule for your door hanger business. I want to encourage you to give yourself some grace as you figure out a schedule that works for you, your family, and your business. Your schedule might even vary from week to week and that’s okay.

If you’re looking for more business tips or encouragement, I’d love to have you join my Paint 2 Profit membership. In Paint 2 Profit you’ll learn about how to run a door hanger business and have access to a network of other door hanger business owners just like you to brainstorm and grow with. I’d love to see you there!

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