How to Customize Templates in Procreate

If you have a ton of door hanger templates in your possession, which if you’ve been following me for any amount of time, I bet you do, and you have an iPad you’re going to learn some things that you can do with those templates on your iPad.

Change the Lettering

If you have ever had a template and wished that you could change up the lettering, then today’s tutorial is perfect for you! Did you know you can import a photo from the template you’ve purchase and actually erase it directly in Procreate? Once you erase it you can change the lettering to say whatever you want it to say. For example, I changed this design from “Season Greetings” to “The Bennetts.” If you’re good at hand lettering on an iPad you could even hand letter the lettering onto the design versus using the text feature. This opens up a variety of possibilities!

erasing font that reads "seasons greetings"
adding font that reads "the bennetts"

Changing the Colors of a Template in Procreate

Maybe you have the cutest template, but you’re wanting to change the colors so that the style matches your branding or own personal style better. Procreate allows you to cut out the colors of a template and go back and add your own personal colors to the template. Once you change the color, you can even change or remove the patterns completely.

presents with color and pattern changed on one

Draw Templates for Yourself Using Procreate

If you want to draw your own templates using Procreate you can do that too! In my course, Procreate for Markers, I actually talk about how to change out brushes and colors. These changes allow you to customize and create templates for yourself from scratch. This is the really great part of Procreate that can help you create door hangers all on your own soon!

From Procreate to a Printable Template

Once you have your template ready in Procreate, you can save it as an image then head over to and print it out. If you’re not quite sure how to use Block Poster, check out our blog post “How to Resize a Printable Template.” It is a free website that allows you to create your own template or poster size of your image.

Do You Need a Visual?

I know that was a lot to take in, but I promise you you can do this! You can watch this video that I did walking you through the very things on this blog post!

Procreate for Makers Course

If this all feels very overwhelming, I offer a Procreate Course that is click-by-click, in bite-size pieces and perfect for beginners. In my Procreate for Makers course, you will learn how to use all the buttons in the Procreate app. I’ll teach you step by step how to do everything that I discussed today! Ready to learn more about my Procreate for Makers course? Be sure to check it out and learn more on my website!

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