How to Cut Door Hangers in Bulk

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You can see from the look on my face that I am excited about what I’m sharing with you today! You’re going to learn how to cut door hangers in bulk!

This post is perfect for those of you who have been painting door hangers for a while and are starting to sell them. It’s also perfect for those of you who are ready to host paint parties.

When you’re selling door hangers or hosting a paint party, you need multiple copies of the same door hanger blank. And, just like when you’re baking cookies, things go faster when you do them in batches.

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batch of painted Land of the Free USA Door Hangers

5 Steps for Cutting Door Hangers in Bulk

Ready to learn how to cut door hangers in bulk? Let’s get started!

Check out this tutorial where Adam Welch of Highway House Customs shows how to cut wooden door hangers in bulk –  8 at a time – using our floral cross template! Thank you, Adam!

1.Glue template onto top piece of wood.

You’ll be using a template as your guide. Templates for all our designs are available in the Southern A-DOORN-MENTS store.  Glue the template to the top piece of wood using spray adhesive. You can find my favorite spray adhesive here. When using the adhesive, use a light touch. Remember, you’ll be peeling the template off after you’re finished cutting and sanding. 

2. Stack the pieces of wood together, template on top.

Make sure your pieces of wood are stacked straight, the edges are flush, and the template is facing up.

Cutting a stack of wooden door hangers

3. Use screws to attach the wood pieces to each other. 

When you’re cutting out a batch of door hangers, you need to make sure the pieces of wood stay together. This is as easy as using screws to attach them. Use 2 inch screws, attaching in several places on all four sides of your door hanger.

Tip: Take care to place the screws outside where you’ll be cutting – you don’t want to cut through a screw.

4. It’s time to cut.

Using your jigsaw and a 4  1/2″ blade, it’s time to start cutting. Start in one corner and carefully follow the lines of the template. Turn the stack of wood as you work, continuing to make careful cuts.

5. Peel off the template.

It’s time to remove the template. If you didn’t use too much spray adhesive, the template should peel off fairly easily. 

Now you’re ready to sand! 

Pulling template off of wooden door hanger blank
Gettin Jiggy with It Jigsaw Cutting Tamara Bennett of Southern ADOORnments

For more tips on choosing the right jigsaw blade for the job, check out this blog post where I show ya’ll how to get jiggy with it!

Sanding a Batch of Door Hangers

Now that you have a stack of cut door hangers, the next step is to sand them free of any rough edges. 

1. Make sure all door hangers are flush and clamp them together.

Use four clamps, my favorite quick grip clamps by Irwin are available here, to hold the freshly cut blanks together. This helps you make sure you are sanding evenly. 

wooden door blanks

2. Sand your door hangers!

This Dewalt sander and 120 grit sand paper make sure your door hangers are free of rough edges or splinters of wood. 

3. Remove the clamps. 

4. Use needle file for fine sanding. 

If you have any spots that are still rough, especially inside corners, a needle file is the perfect tool. You can get right into those tight spots!

Now you have eight cut and sanded door hanger blanks ready to paint! Here’s what the floral cross template looked like painted:

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