How to Hang a Door Hanger

I often get asked how to hang a door hanger. The process itself is pretty simple. Learn how with these simple steps!

I recently shared a blog post on how to seal your door hanger, but I get asked often how to hang a door hanger too. The process itself is pretty easy, but today I’m going to walk you through how to hang a door hanger and a few supplies to keep on hand that make the process simple. 

Supplies to Keep on Hand to Hang a Door Hanger

I typically use jute string to hang a door hanger. This is an inexpensive, yet effective way to hang door hangers. You will also need some 1/8” wooden discs and a stapler to attach the string to the door hanger. It’s nice to have some scissors handy too! 

door hanger that says "hello winter" with snowflakes on it, laying on a surface with jute chord, stapler, scissors, and small wooden discs

Prepping the Jute String to Hang a Door Hanger

To get started you’re going to want to place the door hanger face down on a flat surface. Next, find the center of your door hanger and mark it. I recommend cutting the jute string about twelve inches. Once the string is cut, you will tie a knot in each end of the string. 

hands holding a piece of jute cord with two knots on the ends

Attaching the Jute String to the Door Hanger

I’ve learned a trick when it comes to stapling the jute string to your door hanger. If you place a 1/8” wooden disc under where you plan to staple the string, this prevents the 1/4” staples from going all the way through your door hanger. Can you say game changer?!

jute chord and stapler being used to hang a door hanger

Applying pressure, staple on top of the jute string and through the wooden disc, into the back of the door hanger. This will leave just the knotted end on one side of the staple. There you have it, your adorable door hanger is ready to hang on a front door! 

jute cord being used to hang a door hanger

Are You Looking for More Tips Just Like This?

I have a free eBook that teaches you not only how to hang a door hanger, but a variety of other tips and techniques when it comes to cutting, painting, and hanging a door hanger too! You can grab a copy of this free eBook called Beginners Guide to Door Hangers for yourself here. I can’t wait to hear about what you learned from this amazing resource!

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