How to Hang a Door Hanger

Let’s discuss the different ways people hang their door hangers on their door!

When I hang my door hangers, I just use a staple gun and some jute string. It’s super simple. Cut your jute string about 15 inches or the size necessary for your door hanger. Knot the ends of the jute string and then hold your door hanger up to see where you should staple the string so that the door hanger hangs evenly. Staple right above the knots on the jute string and you have it! Worried about your staples going through your door hanger, check out this blog post where I talk about how to prevent that!  Now that you know how to hang the door hanger, let’s discuss the different ways people hang the door hanger on the door!

staple gun from Southern A-Door-nments decor being used to staple string on a door hanger

Using a Hook to Hang a Door Hanger

If you’re painting door hangers to be displayed on your own door you might consider adding a permanent hook to your front door. I use a permanent hook on my door and it is so convenient. I love how Ellette Shafer recommends using an antique wrought iron hook. It looks so elegant and beautiful!

Tamara Bennett opening a door with a door hanger on it

Using a Wreath Hanger

A wreath holder is also a great way to hang a door hanger if you can’t add a permanent hook due to rental or damage risk. You can even add a bow to the door hanger string to spice it up a bit. Just hang the jute string or bow over the wreath holder and you’re ready to go!

Looking for More Ideas?

I asked my Facebook community about how they hang their door hangers and that’s where this post was derived from. If you’re looking for more door hanger tips and tricks from other people in my community you can find them often on my personal Facebook page for my Made if Monday posts. If you want to dive into a deeper community and learn more about painting door hangers, my Painter’s Clubhouse membership is for you. You get access to an exclusive Facebook Group just for PC members that will get you answers you need and a community to cheer you on. I’d love to see you there, sign up to join us today! 

Tamara holding a staple gun

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Tamara painting on Facebook Live

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