How to Host a Door Hanger Paint Party!

Everything you need to know to host your first paint party! Gather your friends & a favorite door hanger design, & get together for some DIY painting time!

Have you caught the door hanger painting bug? And lately you’ve been thinking about taking it up a level and hosting your own paint party with your friends? Well, this post is for you! If you love crafting and painting, nothing is more fun than getting together with a group of friends and painting together! And now that you’re getting more confident with your DIY skills, there’s no reason to pay a lot of money to someone else to join their paint party. Instead, I’ll show you how to host your own, right at home! Have a great time while teaching your friends, family, or coworkers something fun and new!

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Snowman Paint Party
My very first time to host a paint party!

If you’ve never attended a door hanger painting party, they are so much fun! There’s a creative energy that just buzzes through the room. I promise there will be lots of laughter. You can bounce ideas off of each other and get inspiration if your creativity is feeling stuck. And having something to keep your hands busy can make even the most quiet or shy friends feel comfortable enough to join the group. So here are some of my tips to help make it happen!

First Things to Think About

One of the first things to figure out is where you’re going to host your party. One of the easiest spots might be your kitchen, dining room, or living room! If you have a big dining room table that you can cover, that could be a good spot. Or plan to set up some big plastic tables in your family room or basement. Maybe even your garage! Just keep in mind that you want enough room for each guest to spread out a little, and good lighting. You’ll also want to make sure that it’s not too hot or too cold in the space – paint works best in normal indoor temperatures and you want your guests to be comfortable! Also think about easy access to a sink.

Of course, you might not want to host it your house. Maybe you don’t have a big enough space for everyone, or your house is too far away from your friends. In that case, check with your local church, public library, or community center to see if they have a room you can use. 

Gather Your Friends!

Next, it’s time to invite your friends! Once you have your space, think about how many people you want to invite. How many can comfortably fit in your space? It’s easiest to start with a small group, of course. But maybe you have a set number in mind. For example, you could host a paint party as a bachelorette party for your engaged friend, and invite her bridal party. Or, plan a painting party for your Bible study group, etc. Either way, you might want to limit the number for your first party so it isn’t too overwhelming!

Next, it’s time to send out invites. I like to set up a facebook event because it’s easy to keep track of everyone and share all of the details. You could also use something like, or even just reach out in an email or phone call! Just make sure you find a way to track the RSVPs so that you can plan for the supplies you will need. I recommend setting a RSVP deadline ahead of time to make sure you have plenty of time to prepare.

Design Choices for a Door Hanger Paint Party

Now it’s time for the fun part – picking out the design! Think about a favorite door hanger that you have painted before and feel comfortable with teaching your friends. Or something similar that you could easily adapt. If you have a lot of beginners, the easier the better! There’s no reason to have to stress about a complicated pattern or intricate detail work when there are so many cute basic ideas where you can start.

I like to pick seasonal designs – people get excited about decorating for holidays. A big pumpkin in the fall, or maybe a snowman for the winter. Or if you have a popular local sports team, pick something for football or basketball season!

Cutting out your own door hangers with a jigsaw is the most economical way to do it. You can choose any printable template design (like these in my online shop or from my FREE template library) and make as many door hangers as your need from it! If this is your first time cutting door hangers, I have a blog post that will tell you everything you need to get started. On the other hand, if you’re not quite ready to do the cutting yourself, you can buy blanks that are ready-to-paint for each guest.


For my very first paint party, I had my father teach me how to cut out the snowman shape with the jigsaw. It was much easier than I thought it would be, and I was so proud of myself for cutting them out on my own!


Gathering Your Paint Party Supplies

Now it’s time to get all of the paint supplies that you will need for each guest. Obviously, you will need paint, which you can get at Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, etc. I like to use DecoArt’s Americana acrylic paints. You don’t have to get every color in the rainbow – just think about the colors that go best with your design. Make sure that you get enough for all of your guests! Generally, about 10 people can share an 8 oz. bottle of paint, and maybe 4 people can share a 2 oz. If there’s a specific color that people will be using for the background, get a little extra of that. For example, if you’re painting a pumpkin, get extra orange. A snowman might need extra white, etc.

Next you’ll need brushes for everyone. I like to buy these in bulk (of 30 or more) on Amazon to make sure that I have plenty of variety for everyone. And the good thing is that you can clean them up and save them for your next party when you’re done!

Don’t forget to keep track of your costs so that you can tell your friends what each person’s share of the supply fees will be. You could always upsell and try to make a little money, but if it’s just for your friends you might prefer to just give them the actual amount it costs to buy the supplies.

It's Time to Host Your Own Paint Party!

It’s almost time for your guests! So get your final things set up. Have a few light refreshments set up for your guests. Put disposable tablecloths out on your tables. Set out plates to put the paint out on (or I also use egg cartons that I’ve saved up). Make sure that each guest has a plastic cup of water to clean their brushes, and plenty of extra paper towels at each seat. Set up a fun playlist for background music.

When it’s time to begin, start with the big background areas to paint. Once the background and main details have been painted, then you can go back and work on the smaller, more difficult details. Keep it simple!

Be sure to take lots of pictures during this process. Definitely take a group photo at the end! And I suggest taking individual photos of each guest with their finished door hanger. If you ever decide to turn this into a business, they will be invaluable for promoting your work!


Yes, You Can Host Your Own Paint Party!

It really is that simple! It seems intimidating at first, but it will be so much fun. And if you really enjoy it, you might even think about doing it as a business! After all, what could be better then having fun, doing something you love while helping people, and getting paid!? If you’re intrigued, check out this blog post I made about the signs that you’re ready to start your own paint party business. Or if you already know you’re serious about it, take a look at my Paint Party bootcamp sessions! They are the perfect place to learn how to start a new paint party biz, or to grow and develop one that you’ve already started. Get on the waitlist now – the course only opens a few times a year and the next one is coming up!

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Speaking of paint parties, have you heard about this ultimate paint party I’m hosting this spring!? Make plans now to join us in Nashville for our annual Southern Adoornments Decor – LIVE event! This event is like the greatest paint party with your best friends, times 100!

It will be three amazing days of time for us to craft, learn, laugh, eat, and create together! Whether you’re a brand new beginner to painted door hangers, or are already running your own DIY door hanger business, we will have the inspiration and information you need!

Get ready to relax, recharge, and reconnect – and have a lot of fun doing it all in Music City! Plus you’ll learn from some amazing guest painters, win prizes, and bring home some awesome swag bags of free goodies. Get all the details you need right here. Just make sure you sign up soon so we can save you a spot – tickets are selling quickly!

Ready to Paint? I'm Here to Help!

Want more inspiration and ideas for door hangers for when you host your next paint party? Join my brand new template club and get a whole bundle of our brand new templates every month, before they’re released to the public! For one low monthly cost, you’ll have so many new templates to choose from when you are planning which door hangers you want to paint next!

For even more ideas, make sure you’re following me on Pinterest! Plus, don’t forget that I have lots of my favorite craft supplies in my shop and at my amazon store. There’s everything there you need to DIY your own painted door hangers, from my favorite tools for cutting blanks, to some great brushes and paints that I love to use.

If you love the idea of painting new door hanger designs every month, and getting creative ideas and inspiration with me throughout the year, take a look at my Painters’ Clubhouse! Join our members’ only group where we paint together in our private online community, sharing ideas, new skills, and fun techniques all month long. We have a great time with a lot of laughs and creativity, and I’d love for you to join us! Make sure you join the waitlist now so that you can grab a spot when it opens back up again!

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  1. Do you have a list of people who do in home paint parties? I’m in McKinney Tx. I think this would be a fun neighborhood Ladies Night Out activity.

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