How to Incorporate Stencils in Your Door Hangers

Stencils are such a fun way to customize and add patterns to your door hangers! They can make creating patterns or adding lettering to your door hanger so much easier than it would be painting by hand.

Tone on Tone Stencil to Add Interest to a Background

What is a tone on tone pattern you might be asking? It’s a pattern utilizing the same color in different tones. For example, the door hanger below has a mint patterned background with different tones of the mint color. This look is very easy to achieve as you paint the background of your door hanger one color. Then when you have a stencil you create the lighter tone of the color by adding white to it and using that color to paint with the stencil. You can check out the tutorial for this door hanger on my YouTube.

Tamara Bennett holding a door hanger

Adding Patterns to Your Door Hanger

Wanting a patterned background or element added to your door hanger? I have tons of patterned stencils available in my shop including buffalo plaid, chevron, polka dot, quatrefoil, multi dot, swirls, diamond, stars, and so much more! Do you need a stencil to add a pattern to your door hanger? No, you can totally do it yourself but using a stencil makes it so much easier! Look how fun this floral stencil looks on this letter. 

using a floral stencil to add flowers to a letter

Using a Stencil to Add Lettering

Hand lettering can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! You can use a stencil, to add lettering to your door hanger or DIY project. These stencils make lettering a breeze and can help you build confidence in your artistic ability as you learn to hand letter.

using a stencil that says "happy fall ya'll" to add lettering to a pumpkin

How Our Painter’s Clubhouse Members are Using Stencils

I have a membership called Painter’s Clubhouse that helps transform beginner painters into confident artists. It’s such a fun group of talented people, and you can join us next time the membership opens! In this membership we sometimes do challenges to encourage artists to grow their skills. One of the challenges was to incorporate some sort of stenciling work into their door hanger. We had some really great door hangers, so be sure to swipe through to see all of their creative skills at work!

How to Paint with a Stencil

One of my favorite tips to painting with stencils is to utilize spray adhesive and makeup sponges. Don’t discount the thought until you try it! There are a few tricks to painting with a stencil to achieve clean lines and avoid splotchy results. For more information on these tricks and to learn more about how to paint with a stencil, check out my blog post, “Tips for Painting with a Stencil.”

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