How to Keep Staples From Going Through Your Door Hanger

I know how hard you work getting your door hangers just perfect. Unfortunately, I also know how frustrating it can be for a staple to go right through your door hanger when adding string to the door hanger with a staple gun. Today I'm going to share with you an easy fix to keep this from happening.

How to Setup Your Staple Gun

I used 1/4 inch staples and a Stanley staple gun that you can find under the “Tools & Accessories” portion of my Amazon shop. To keep the staples from going through the door hanger I took a piece of cardboard from an old box I had lying around and taped it to the part of the staple gun right below where the staples come out. This keeps the staple gun from sitting completely flat against the wood which causes your staples to go through. 

staple gun from Southern A-Door-nments decor being used to staple string on a door hanger

Do You Need a Visual?

This is a quick and easy fix for keeping the staples from going through your beautiful finished door hangers. It’s sure to save you some headache in the future too! Looking for a quick video tutorial to see how to rig up your staple gun? Watch this video to see the staple gun hack for yourself!

How to Repair a Door Hanger

I know what you’re thinking, “Tamara this is great, but how do I fix the door hanger that my staples has already pushed through?” If  have a staple accidentally go all the way through, here’s what you’re going to do:

  • Use something with a flat edge to push it backwards.
  • If needed, you can touch up the paint a little.

Looking for More Door Hanger Hacks?

Love this little hack and looking for more ways tips and tricks when it comes to painting door hangers? Check out my free eBook, Beginners Guide to Door Hangers.” This free resource will help you expand your knowledge about door hangers and ways to paint them. It’s completely free so be sure to take advantage of my wonderful resource! 

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