How to Pack Like a Pro for Your Next Crafting Event

Packing for a crafting event doesn't have to be stressful! Here's the rundown on everything you need.

After many SA Live events and even attending other creatives’ crafting events, I have a pretty good idea of how to pack to make a crafting event run smoothly. I have several items linked in my Amazon Affiliate shop, so I encourage you to check these out there. While at Southern Adoornments Live 2023, I got some really great feedback from attendees of what they recommend packing as well, let’s dive in! 

Bring a Friend or Find a Group

One of the best parts about attending crafting events is the amazing community that you can surround yourself with. I can’t stress enough how much fun it is to either go with a friend or find a group once you get there. It fuels your soul to be surrounded by other creative people and have great conversations while together. We had a group of ladies at SA Live this year that were so fun! They decorated hats together and just had a blast being in community with one another. As much fun as crafting is, this community is really what these events are all about! 

Portable Fan 

Pam Savage holding a portable fan to dry her door hangers

With lots of people gathered together crafting away it can get a little toasty! Whether you’re using the portable fan for yourself or to dry your craft project it’s such a convenient thing to grab and include in your next crafting event’s packing list. 

Battery Powered Heat Gun 

If you want to take drying your projects to the next level, a portable heat gun is the way to go. I absolutely loved this idea! Several ladies at our SA Live event this year brought a battery powered heat gun to dry their products as they painted. Ryobi makes one of these that several attendees brought this year! It definitely is a game changer when you’re trying to work under time constraints. 

Supply Organizer 

Organization is key to finding supplies and tools when you’re crafting, but especially at an event. A supply organizer like this one can help you stay on track with the presenter and easily see all your supplies right in front of you. This is such a great thing to put together and throw in your suitcase before you leave. 

Roller Craft Bag 

Are you flying to your next craft event? Go ahead and pay for another checked bag because this little roller bag can hold everything you need! So many women at SA Live just rolled right in with this bag and got right to work! 

Are You Planning for Your Next Event? 

Is any of this necessary when it comes to attending a crafting event? Absolutely not! The majority of time a presenter will provide you with all the basics you need when you attend. However, many crafters agree that using your own brushes and pens is very convenient. You know your favorite tools and brushes, so don’t be afraid to take them with you!

Looking for Another Tool to Keep on Hand?

Did you know that I have a free eBook that is perfect for beginners to door hanger painting? It is such a great tool that will break down so many great concepts and techniques when it comes to painting. It also goes in-depth on the various tools and brushes I keep on hand, some of which would be great to throw in your crafting bag for your next event. Sign up below to get access to the free eBook!

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