How to Price Your Door Hangers

Ready to sell your painted door hangers, but not sure what to charge? Here's my beginner's guide for how to price your door hangers for sale!

If you’re like many of the people I know that love to paint door hangers, you’ve probably thought about taking your hobby to the next level and selling your painted door hangers. It’s a great feeling to take a creative passion and turn it into something that also makes money! Well, one of the most common questions I get from fellow painters that are new to selling is, “How much should I charge for a painted door hanger?” So here’s my quick advice about how to price your door hangers that you want to sell.


Tamara with Holiday Wheelbarrow Door Hanger with bow
A Christmas door hanger I painted with buffalo plaid.

When You're Just Starting Out

The thing people misunderstand the most about pricing their product is they think they should price it comparable to everyone else that they see on the market.

Let’s say you’ve painted your first door hanger and it’s very similar to one that you’ve seen on Etsy. Then your first instinct would be to go to Etsy and see what people are charging for these similar door hangers. Everyone on Etsy may be selling theirs for $40.

However, this is the first door hanger you have ever tried to sell. You’ve never sold a door hanger before. You have no existing audience or customer base. You have not yet proven yourself.

Boutique Sign Shabby Chic Flowers Hand Letter Door Hanger
A custom order I painted for a local business.
Grinch Christmas Painted Photo Props
Painting a custom request for a Grinch-y Christmas backdrop.

So you could list your item for the same price as theirs on Etsy or on Facebook Marketplace. People might see it and think it is cute and you might even sell one, but those instances are usually rare. 

First of all, people like to know that you have experience and your product is of good quality. As a shopper on Etsy, we can see how many sales you have had. So if it says zero sales, we are less likely to trust you as a seller. 

On Facebook, if this is the first time you’ve ever posted anything like this and we’ve never seen you sell one before, we may be reluctant to buy if the price is $40. But…if you were to offer it for $25-30, we might be willing to take a chance on it.

TIP: It’s really important to have good photos of your door hangers if you’re trying to market them. Check out my blog post where I give you tips for staging the perfect photos for your door hanger business. 

Building A Reputation for Your Door Hanger Business

So, then I take a chance and am one of your first customers because your price was so reasonable. Then when I receive your item and am pleasantly surprised at the quality and how cute the door hanger is, I will be excited to share. I’m going to be raving about it to all of my friends and posting pictures of it on my door and sharing it to Facebook. 

Now you’ve got other people curious about your door hanger and next thing you know, you’ve received three more orders! This time you might be able to raise the price a bit. Maybe just by $5 or so. 

And make sure to take advantage of your first sales. Even though you’ve already posted a picture of the first door hanger that you sold, now you need to post a new photo showing that you have sold 3 more just like it with all three door hangers in the photo. 

What this does is show everyone that sees the photo that there is a demand for this door hanger. It creates a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out). The customer thinks, “ I want one of those for my door, too!”


Choosing Brushes for Painting Door Hangers by Southern ADOORnments
Hand lettering a custom door hanger.

Raising the Price of Your Door Hangers

Tamara holding painted LOVE USA Door hanger
A "LOVE" - USA door hanger that I sell in my shop.

Next thing you know, you have 10 more orders and it’s time to raise the price even more! As you gain more experience and sell more door hangers, you will reach the level where you need to be selling them for $40-$45 each just to be able to keep up with the demand!

By this time, you should also have lots of example photos of your work, and people know that you have a business now. You are a respected seller with a reputation for cute designs and quality work. Customers are returning to you again and again as the seasons go by to refresh the decor on their door. 

If you’re ever feeling like you’re drowning in orders, that is a key sign that it is time to increase the price! If you’re not getting enough orders, try running a flash sale or a pre-sale! I will have more on those topics in another blog post.

But for now, good luck and happy selling!

If you’re looking for tips on how to save money when shipping your door hangers check out my blog post about the best ways to ship your door hangers. In this blog I also offer a variety of options on how to package your items and save money when shipping. 

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