How to Resize a Printable Template

Today, I’m going to show you how to take an image or template that you have and resize it so that it is easier to print!

How to Increase the Size of a Printable Template

If you’ve purchased a template from my shop and need to make it larger I highly recommend using a free website called It’s a great tool that I use regularly when I need to resize templates. Let me walk you through what to do once you’re on the website. 

  1. Click “Create Your Poster” of “Get Started”
  2. Upload an image from your computer. I uploaded the black and white jpg of this truck template.
    FYI – You can only upload a JPEG or png file. If you’ve purchased a template from my shop, they all come with a JPEG inside. 
  3. To the right of the screen you can customize the size. It’s important to pay attention to what it tells you the actual measurements of your design are. (Typically if I am using it for a door hanger I reduce the size to about two pages.)
  4. Once you’ve got it to the size that you want, click the check mark, then click “Create My Poster.”
screenshot of the blockposter website tutorial
  1. Click “Download” to download it.
  2. Find the file on your computer and print it out. 
Completed Block Poster template ready to print

Reducing the Size of a Template

I have a 20 inch Christmas tree cake pdf that I am going to use as an example. Let’s say we wanted to do it on an 18 inch round so we need to print it a little smaller. Here’s what you’ll do:

  1. Open the PDF.
  2. Click “Print.”
  3. Find your printer settings and then click “Scale.” It’s currently at 100%, I would reduce it to about 80%.

This will make it print just a little smaller. It’s hard to know exactly how much it’s going to end up being, but typically in my experience 80% comes out small enough to fit on an eighteen inch round. If for some reason that is still too large, you could reduce it to sixty or seventy and then hit, “Print.”

FYI – It’s important to note that you cannot increase the size of your PDFs using the setting on your printer, that’s when you should use Blockposter, but you can reduce them on your home printer. 

Looking for Templates

Are you on the hunt for some festive or seasonal templates? Be sure to check out my shop at and find some templates that are right for you! I have a ton of resources when it comes to templates. Looking for creative ways to use them? Check out this blog post! If you want access to brand new templates every month, you might want to sign up for my Template Club membership. 

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