How to Store Door Hanger Templates

If you’re like me and have used so many templates to cut door hangers, you’re probably wondering about what the best way to store door hanger templates is. I know that you have worked so hard to print, cut, and assemble these templates. After all that work you don’t want to throw them away. Let’s make sure you don’t have to!

Two heads are better than one, and we have a whole community on Facebook to learn from. We asked our friends over on Facebook how to store door hanger templates and now we’re going to share some of their ideas with you! 

What You'll Learn:

1. The Envelope Method

2. Store Door Hanger Templates by Hanging Them Up

3. The Space Saving Method

4. The Binder Method

5. File Those Templates Away

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The Envelope Method

The envelope method suggests folding the templates up and storing them in a manilla envelope. Erika at Wallace House Designs recommend taping the first page of the template on the front so that you know which template is in the envelope. This way of storing door hanger templates helps you know what templates you have. It also keeps them nice and neat, and easily accessible in your craft room! 

Door Hanger Templates in Manilla Envelopes
Photo Provided by Erika Wallace at Wallace House Designs.

Store Door Hanger Templates by Hanging Them Up

Our friend Pam Childress mentioned on Facebook that she likes to use pant hangers to hang up her door hanger templates. She has multiple templates on the hangers with tags that separate them by seasons or holidays. The hangers are then hung on industrial rods that she had installed. Personally, we love this idea to store door hanger templates! Searching for your next template would be as easy as picking your favorite pants from the closet.

The Space Saving Method

Let’s be real sometimes we just don’t have the space to store our templates where or how we’d really like to and that is totally okay. We just learn to pivot and work with what we do have. Our Facebook friend Cindy Wilson recommends storing templates between two large pieces of cardboard. These cardboard pieces can then be tucked away in a closet or under the bed to save space. When you need your templates, just grab your cardboard pieces and find the ones you like.

The Binder Method

Everyone loves flipping through books to see pictures, right? Barbara Weber had a great idea to use a binder with sleeves in it. She then adds the templates to the sleeves, and puts a picture of the door hanger in the front of it. It’s a picture book of door hangers, how cool is that? Just flip through, find the one you want to cut and pull out the template. We love this idea, thank you Barbara!

We also had several people mention art presentation books or hard portfolio cases to store door hanger templates. These would be very similar to a binder as well, and allow you to see what templates you have available.

File Those Door Hanger Templates Away

Nowadays, I don’t keep as many templates on hand anymore since I use a laser cutter, but I loved using a file folder box to store door hanger templates in file folders. This was an easy way to keep track of all of my templates. When I was done with a template, I would fold it into an envelope size, label the outside, and place in a file folder. 

I preferred to alphabetize my template file folders, I would file a small apple template under A and a box of chocolates under V for Valentine’s Day. If you don’t like storing door hanger templates alphabetically you could use this same system and label the file folders by season or holiday. 

Looking for More Templates to Keep on Hand

Having more templates means you have a variety of door hanger options to sell, and we all love variety! Check out my shop where I release new templates every week. Once you have picked out the templates you like be sure to head to my recent blog post that breaks down how to print out templates at home. 

If you’re new to templates or aren’t sure how to use them, be sure to check out my blog post where I discuss the difference between blanks and templates. There’s tons of great information in there that will break everything down for you. 

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