Have you ever posted an amazing photo of one of your door hangers only to hear crickets?

In 2016 that is exactly what was happening to me.

I would spend many nights sitting at my dining room table painting the prettiest door hanger you’ve ever seen and think….I can’t wait to post this one on Facebook! I bet this one will be a hit!

So the next day, I would make sure my lighting was great, snap a picture, upload to Facebook, and wait. I would keep checking the app and hitting refresh. Just waiting for someone to comment “I want this!” or “Take my money!”

That rarely happened.

Tamara with computer, How to use Facebook Lives

It wasn’t until I started experimenting with Facebook lives that I began to get more orders from people who had “seen my Facebook lives” and wanted a door hanger.

When you connect with your audience through video they feel like they know you. When they connect with you, they want to support you and your craft. That is why I have put together this webinar for you!

I want to show you exactly how to use Facebook lives so that you can grow your business. In this webinar you will learn:

  • What you actually need to do a Facebook live.
  • How to have a plan for what you will talk about in your Facebook live.
  • How to calm your nerves before a Facebook live.

How much does the webinar cost?

Not one cent. I want to help YOU grow your business. My goal in this webinar is to show you how to use Facebook lives to grow your business.