How to Use Procreate to Design Door Hangers

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ve probably heard about my Procreate for Makers course. It’s a course that teaches you how to design digitally on your iPad using the Procreate app. I’ve used this app to design door hangers then paint that design on wood. Let's talk about how to use Procreate!

I did a brief tutorial over using Procreate to design door hangers on my Facebook a while back. It’s very simple to do and can help you decide which colors and patterns to add to the door hanger before you actually start painting. I used Procreate to design this stackable pumpkin door hanger, let’s see how I did it!

How to Use the Stacked Pumpkin Template

You can find the Stacked Pumpkins Template and Digital Cut File on my website. Once you purchase the digital file it will be available for immediate download. You can import the jpeg of the blank file into Procreate and use it to “paint” the design on your iPad.

You can also use the Stacked Pumpkin Template and Digital Cut file to cut a wooden blank at home. If you’d rather purchase a precut blank, you can also purchase that directly in my shop as well and we will ship a ready to paint blank directly to you!

How to Use Procreate to Paint

Once you import the jpeg of the stacked pumpkins, you’ll want to create another layer to start painting the pumpkins. It’s important that each pumpkin be in their own layer so that each one is easy to edit and paint on their own. Once you have painted over all the pumpkins, open the Layers tool and remove the template. This will leave you with only the stackable pumpkins on your iPad. Use various layering tools in Procreate to complete your design and then replicate that design onto your door hanger.

Are You Not Sure How to Layer in Procreate?

If you’re new to Procreate you might be unaware of how to layer in the app. In my Procreate for Makers course I’ll teach you how to layer and why it’s so important. Proper use of the layering tool in Procreate can save you lots of headache if you mess up or want to change your design.

What is Procreate for Makers?

Procreate for Makers is a course that I created to help teach the basics of Procreate in short, bite-sized tutorials. By the end of the course, you will have the knowledge of how to create a design that you can use in your business or sell or learn how to use Procreate just to have fun drawing. Whether you are a complete beginner with zero experience in drawing or you’re a beginner at Procreate ready to learn more, Procreate for Makers is perfect for you!

Watch the Replay

If you’d like a sneak peek of what it’s like to learn with me, watch this Facebook live where I walk you through how I design a door hanger using Procreate. In the same video you’ll see how I take the design in Procreate and use it to paint a door hanger blank. It is so much fun to see your design come to life!

Don’t forget to sign up for my Procreate for Makers course so that you can learn all kinds of tips and tricks on how to design and draw in Procreate. I hope you sign up to learn more soon!

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