How Video Content Can Grow Your Business

Are you a business owner wanting to grow your online presence and business? Today, I’m going to be sharing with you how video content can grow your business.

Video Content in Your Business Makes Buying Feel More Personal

If you go to a department store website to shop, do you feel like you have a personal connection to that brand? It doesn’t feel very personal, right? How about when you’re buying from a friend that makes handmade goods? When you support her, you feel warm and fuzzy inside, don’t you? It helps you feel like you’re supporting the goals and dreams of the friend you’re purchasing from as well as helping to put food on the table. Using video content in your business works the same way. The video content can help you grow a personal connection between your business and the person buying from you.

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Creating Video Content in Your Business Allows for Real Time Feedback

If I’m a doing Facebook Live, I am instantly getting replies in the comments from people that are watching. Use this to your advantage! Say, you are a handmade business and perhaps you’re going to be selling an item and you’re trying to decide which colors would be best. You could hop on Facebook Live and ask the people what they want and you’ll get real time feedback on what design or color you should do. This gets your followers invested in your product which means they’re way more likely to purchase this from you because they felt like they had a hand in helping create it.

If Facebook Lives are intimidating to you, I highly encourage you to check out my blog post, “How to Conquer Facebook Live.” It will give you tangible steps to ease your nerves and literally conquer your first Facebook Live. You can do this, friend, I have faith in you! 

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Creating Videos for Your Business Means Evergreen Content for Customers to Refer to Later

When I speak of evergreen videos, I mean a video that will be live forever. While Facebook Lives do live forever, I’m more referring to YouTube or TikTok videos. Facebook lives are in more of a chronological order, whereas YouTube and TikTok shows results to viewers based on what they search for or what their interests are regardless of when the video was published. I have had so many people watch a Facebook Live and comment that they found my page because of my YouTube channel. TikTok, while a newer platform, also allows for evergreen content. The videos on TikTok can recycle and show up in the FYP (For You Page). The cool thing about these platforms is that while a Facebook post or a post on social media may die out within a few days, our efforts are better spent creating video content that can be evergreen and live forever.

Need Some Inspiration?

If you need some inspiration on how to create videos for your business, check out my page or other creatives that you follow. I have several Facebook Live videos on my Facebook page, but you can also check out my YouTube channel or TikTok for other great ideas! 

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