Kids Paint Party on a Budget

Looking for an affordable party option for your child's next birthday? Look no further! Today I spill the tea...

Planning birthday parties can get expensive. Not to mention that if your child’s birthday is in the middle of Winter it can also be difficult to plan something for all the kiddos while the weather is cold. A paint party might be a great way to do that! 

girl holding a painted canvas

Choose a Design (or a Few) That You Love

Start by letting your child pick a design that they love. You may even want to pick a few so that guests can have some options. I would choose some designs that are fitting for the age group of your party. You don’t want something too difficult for your guests to paint. If your party has a theme, this is a great time to choose something theme related. You can shop the templates in my shop for some ideas, or you can even find a coloring page and use that as a template for the paint party. 

Purchase Supplies

I recommend finding small canvases and paint brushes at your local craft store or even Dollar Tree. I purchased this canvas at the Dollar Tree. Kids will love having their own canvases to take home with them. You’ll also want a good variety of paint colors for them to use. As for cleanup, I highly recommend disposable table cloths so that way when the party is over cleanup is a breeze! 


Transferring Your Design to the Canvas

Having the design on canvas and ready to go makes it easier for kids to get started on their painting projects. Transferring your design to canvas is super simple! First, print out your design in a size that fits onto your canvas. Next, tape the design onto the canvas with a piece of graphite paper underneath (shiny side down). Using a pen trace over each line of your design. 

using graphite paper to trace a robot on a canvas

After you have finished tracing, lift the paper and graphite paper and use a Sharpie to trace over the lines that were left on your canvas from the graphite paper.  

sharpie tracing over lines on a canvas

Throw a Party

Now your canvases are ready! Just set out your supplies and prep for your party. This is a very budget-friendly party idea for your child and can be customized however depending on what design you choose. My daughter Charlie loves this party idea and she had so much fun painting her canvas! 

girl painting a canvas

Get Templates for Your Party in my Free Library

Are you looking for some free template options for your canvas? I have several free templates available in my free library. These templates would be great to use for the designs for your canvas for your next budget friendly birthday party! Sign up below and get access to my free library. Be sure to bookmark the tab so that you can access it whenever you need a new template!

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