About Southern Adoornments Live

The first two years, the event was held in Nashville TN. The third event was held in Dallas. In 2023 we gathered in Destin FL. These events bring together women who have already become friends online through the Painter’s Clubhouse membership and a mutual love of painting door hangers. 

Scared to attend alone, but excited to have a weekend of painting therapy with friends, women from all over came together for a weekend they would never forget.

Years later, many of those attendees are still friends today and look forward to getting together again at each event. Dozens of them were so inspired after the events that they have started their own painting businesses!

It’s not just about crafts, or painting, it’s so much more! It’s the sisterhood, the bonding over breakfast or laughing together in pajamas that make these events so special. You’ll leave with your crafty soul feeling revived, inspired and refreshed!

Meet Tamara Bennett…

I am a Marine wife, mother of three, crafter, and businesswoman. That last word feels a little funny to say out loud. I started this business while my husband was on deployment in Afghanistan.

Staying home with little ones while your husband is away can take its toll. I found so much joy teaching women how to paint and create something beautiful! 

Almost 7 years later, my husband is no longer in the Marine Corps, I am so proud to say that I have the privilege to teach thousands of women every month how to paint door hangers and many of them go on to turn their new hobby into a business. I love helping others improve their painting skills, but most importantly their confidence in themselves. 

That is exactly why I started the annual Southern Adoornments Live event.

I wanted to bring together these amazing women who had brought so much joy into my own life. I wanted to help them connect with one another and create lifelong friendships. Years later, this event is something that these ladies and I look forward to as a chance to reconnect and deepen that bond through our love of painting and crafts.