My Favorite Paint Pens and How I Use Them

You know I love to use paint pens as a way to finish out a door hanger! While every way that I use a paint pen you could also accomplish while using a paint brush, I love how simple it is to achieve these techniques with a paint pen. Let's talk about my favorite paint pens and how I use them!

Using Paint Pens to Outline the Design on a Door Hanger

The final details on a door hanger make all the difference! When I am painting, I like to outline the design using a paint pen. As you can see on the acorn door hanger below, the outline makes all the difference.

using a paint pen to outline the acorn door hanger

Using a Paint Pen to Add Highlights to a Door Hanger

Using a paint pen to add highlights and accent lines is another way I like to spice up my door hangers. I always say that by adding these lines I am giving my door hangers a whimsical effect, and I love the way it turns out! I use a white paint pen to add highlights to where light would hit the door hanger. Then I will use a black paint pent to add accent lines to places that just need a little extra texture. It’s important to do these highlights and accents as the last step when painting a door hanger. By doing them too early, you might end up with too many lines on your door hanger. Check out how I used both black and white paint pens on the Birthday Cake door hanger below.

paint pen adding highlight lines to a door hanger

Using a Paint Pen to Add Hand Lettering to a Door Hanger

Paint pens are a great option to add hand lettering to a door hanger, especially for a beginner! If you’re tracing hand lettering using a template, you can then trace the outlines with a paint pen and paint them in with the pen. If you are painting on an etched blank, then hand lettering with a paint pen works in a similar way. Finally, a paint pen allows you to hand letter by writing, similar to how you would with a pen, any wording you would like to add to a door hanger.

a paint pen adding lettering to a door hanger

My Favorite Paint Pens

When I originally started using paint pens, I was using Posca paint pens. Recently I was introduced to Artistro paint pens though, and I am loving all the paint color options that this brand has. While I still mostly stick to white and black paint pens, the variety of color options is a great perk that I love! You can find lots of options on their website, while you’re there be sure to use the code TAMARA for 10% off. I can’t wait to see how you use these paint pens on your next door hanger project! 

tamara holding a box of Artistro paint pens and pointing to them

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