Ombre Easter Egg Door Hanger

Hippity, Hoppity, Easter is on its way! This ombre Easter Egg door hanger is such a fun DIY project that will make your front door pop this Spring!

Supply List

  1. 3/4 inch flat tip brush 
  2. round tip brush
  3. filbert tip brush
  4. Easter Egg Wooden blank
  5. OR free template

DecoArt Americana Paint Colors:

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Getting Started on the Easter Egg Door Hanger

Using the ombre technique may look difficult, but it’s not hard at all. This Easter egg door hanger is a good tutorial to teach today because I’ll show you how to seamlessly create an ombre print that you can use on a variety of door hangers in the future. Let’s get started! First use the color, Shoreline, to paint the top half portion of the Easter egg with a one inch flat tip brush. Next, use the color, Laguna, to paint the bottom half portion of the Easter egg with a one inch flat tip brush starting around the part where the Shoreline color paint ended. Using the color, Lavender, pick up where the Laguna paint toward the bottom of the Easter egg left off.

Creating the Ombre Effect on the Easter Egg Door Hanger

To create an ombre effect, add some water to your brush and brush some Shoreline paint between the portions of your egg so that the colors will blend together better. Repeat with the other two colors as they blend together. Using a round tip brush and the color, Peony Pink, add some quick little swirls to your Easter egg. Once you’ve made your swirl, you can thicken it up a little bit. Keep adding swirls that branch off your other swirls all the way up the egg.

Your Next Steps

The final steps of creating this ombre Easter egg door hanger will really make it pop! Start by mixing some white paint with the Peony Pink to create a lighter pink that you can use to add highlights to the swirls. Switch over to black paint and a round tip brush and lightly stroke the paint onto some of the swirls so that they pop on the pink. Repeat this with white paint and the same brush.

Finally, create a wiggly outline around the edge of the door hanger with black paint. Once all these steps are done, use a filbert tip brush to paint “Happy Easter” on your door hanger with black paint. Add a bow and put it on your front door. It’s sure to catch the eye of the Easter bunny! 

Egg with swirls that reads "Happy Easter"

Snag this Template and Tutorial in My Free Library

If you loved this Easter egg door hanger tutorial don’t forget that you can also sign up for access to the free library which gets you access to a free template of this exact design. Just enter your email and then you’ll have immediate access to a variety of free templates and tutorials! 

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