Paint 2 Profit Membership

After careful consideration, prayer, and a little soul-searching I decided to close the Paint 2 Profit membership group in October 2021. I love talking about business, I love strategizing, and more than anything I want to see each one of you become super successful door hanger businesswomen. I’ve realized that having multiple memberships has begun to feel sort of heavy and I need to streamline my efforts and keep my focus on the Painter’s Clubhouse. I’ve had to be honest with myself on how I can really serve you best, and though I LOVE helping each one of you with your door hanger journey, I am going to really niche down and stick to teaching the painting and creative side of the business.


I’m so honored that you guys have let me be your business coach over the last year and a half now. I feel so blessed and honored that you guys have trusted me with your businesses and let me help you move forward. I’m sad that I’m not going to be able to do that on this level any more moving forward but I’m excited to be able to devote more time to Painter’s Clubhouse and help you guys there. Hopefully I’ll still see you in Painter’s Clubhouse and you can still continue to learn fun new painting techniques with me as you continue to grow your business. My final words to Paint 2 Profit members are thank you, I appreciate each one of you!

Email Customer Service at with any questions or concerns.