Paint a Kentucky Door Hanger with Me!

I am so excited to paint this door hanger with you guys today because Kentucky is my home state so it holds a special place in my heart! If you’re not a Kentucky native, don’t worry, we are gradually working our way through designing a template for each of the fifty states so that everyone can have a door hanger of their own state to use!

Supply List

  1. Kentucky State Blank OR
  2. Kentucky State Template
  3. 1 inch flat tip brush
  4. 1/2 inch flat tip brush
  5. 1/4 inch flat tip brush
  6. 1/2 inch angle tip brush
  7. Liner Brush
  8. White Posca Paint Pen 5M
  9. Black Posca Paint Pen 3M
  10. Small Sponge Pouncer

DecoArt Americana Paint Colors:

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Mixing Paint Colors for the Perfect Kentucky Door Hanger

To start on my Kentucky state door hanger, I am adding a few drops of Desert Turquoise to the Baby Blue paint and mixing it together. Using a one inch flat tip brush, I painted all around the horseshoe and horse with the color I had just mixed. Next, I painted the horseshoe using the color Grey Sky. Don’t be afraid to paint over your roses, this will act as a base coat when start to paint them pink later on!

Using the color Desert Turquoise and a small sponge pouncer, I started adding polka dots to the blue area of my Kentucky door hanger. I used a sticky note to add polka dots along the edges of the horseshoe.

Painting The Horse on the Kentucky Door Hanger

The horse’s face needs to be a darker shade than the hair, so I went with the color Milk Chocolate, and used a 3/4” flat tip brush to paint the face. I added a second coat so that the paint wasn’t opaque. Using the color Dark Chocolate, I painted the mane. Once the Dark Chocolate is dry, use a filbert tip brush and the color Buttermilk to add some highlights to the horse’s mane. Using an angle tip brush and some Dark Chocolate paint, add an outline along the edge of the horse’s mane.

Adding Details to the Kentucky Door Hanger

Next, I started painting my roses. I painted the center rose using the Carousel Pink and a 1/4″ flat tip brush. Using the color Deep Burgundy, shaded it into the pink while it was still wet by creating wiggly lines. For the rose on the right, I did the opposite. I had a Deep Burgundy background and Carousel Pink to shade along the lines. Repeat with the deep burgundy on the rose on the left as well. Now, it’s time to use Sour Apple and Forest Green to create a fun green color to paint the leaves at the bottom. I put the green paints side by side and then dipped my angle tip brush in both colors so that I could have the darker color on the outside of my leaves and the lighter on the inside. 

Posca Paint Pen on Roses for Kentucky Door Hanger

Using a Black 3M Posca Paint Pen, I added outlines to my door hanger. I, then, used a White 5M Posca Paint Pen to add the outline around the edge of the horseshoe. Switching back to the Black Posca Paint Pen, I added final details around the flowers and leaves, as well as the horseshoe. I love using these Posca Paint Pens to trace around the details and create a whimsical effect!

Catch the Kentucky Door Hanger Replay

I love the way this Kentucky door hanger turned out! Did you miss me painting this tutorial live or do you just want a visual to follow along with as you recreate this door hanger for yourself? You can catch the replay below. Not a Kentucky native?  We also have Tennessee, North Carolina, Louisiana, and Georgia blanks available!

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