Paint Storage Ideas for the Crafter – Part 1

If you’re a crafter, you know that you can accumulate paint bottles pretty quickly and storage might get tricky. There are a variety of ways to store paint bottles to keep them easily accessible and organized. I know how I store my paint bottles and it works for me, but I asked my Facebook followers how they store theirs and loved all of the ideas so much I want to share some with you!

Store Paint Bottles with a Tiered Tray

I found this rotating tray at Sam’s Club several years ago, and I thought it would be perfect for storing my paints. Most of my paints have a sticker of the color on top. If they don’t, I put a dab of paint on the lid so that I can see the color in that bottle from the top of my tiered tray. This makes them easily accessible when I’m painting.

hand reaching for a paint bottle in a tiered tray

Color Coordinated Wall Shelves

You know those organization shows where everything is sorted by color and is so aesthetically pleasing? Well, that is definitely the vibe I got from Sabrina Eftink’s and Tena Freese’s shelves in their craft rooms. Tena even made hers out of yard sticks, how creative and fun!

craft room with colorful wall shelves of paint
Sabrina's wall shelves are gorgeous!
desk and chair with wooden shelves of paint bottles above
I love Tena's creativity of shelves made from yard sticks!

Crafting Paint Shelves

Designs by Dina and Debbie Perez have some beautifully organized shelves in their craft room. Designs by Dina has all of her paint organized by type and color keeping them easily accessible for all her projects. Debbie Perez stores her paints on the outer door shelves of her Workbox. There’s so much space and I love that she can see all of her paints.

shelf of paint bottles to display
Debbie Perez has a beautiful shelf of paints!
shelf displaying paint bottles
I am swooning over this shelf of beautiful paints that belongs to Designs by Dina!

Use Finger Nail Polish Shelves

Ever been to the nail salon and thought that the nail polish shelves would make good paint bottle organizers? That’s exactly what Shante Keith uses to store her crafting paints and I love it! She even added lighting to her shelf to show off all the paints!

Finger Nail Polish shelves used for craft paints
These shelves originally for finger nail polish is a great way to display and store paint bottles, thank you Shante for sharing!

Looking for More Ideas?

Looking for more creative ways to store paint bottles? Stay tuned for part two of this blog post series. I received so many great ideas of how to store paint bottles on this Facebook post that it’s too much to fit into one blog post. Thank you so much to everyone who shared all their great ideas, I loved reading through them! 

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