A monthly membership to help you become
a confident
door hanger artist.

Painter's Clubhouse-
A monthly membership to help you become a confident door hanger artist.

$37 per month

$370 per year and save!

Go from wishing and watching to
a Confident Door Hanger Artist!
In the Painter's Clubhouse you will
  • Build a strong foundation so that you can create amazing door hangers 

  • Learn to paint on trend, show stopping door hangers

  • Have an encouraging sisterhood to be there on those hard days

  • Learn new techniques every month

  • Gain the confidence to show off your work

With every door hanger you paint, you grow your confidence...


Join Yearly to receive all of the Bonuses, including 3 exclusive door hanger templates

Building a strong foundation

Everyone has to start at the beginning, not knowing the steps. We have a section just for those you are starting out so that you have a strong foundation to grow.

Gain Confidence

You have set a strong foundation, now is the time to learn new techniques, practice and grow your hand lettering skills.

Confident Artist

Continue learning new skills and techniques. Stay connected with an encouraging and supportive community.

Don’t take my word for it, hear what members have to say!

Vicki Stowe

Lori Smith

Erika Wallace of Wallace House Designs

Let's do this!

$37 per month

$370 per year and save!

What you Get when you join...

You will have automatic access to templates, tutorials, and techniques from April 2018! 

  • Door Hanger Beginner’s Course- To help you build a strong foundation
  • Technique videos- to show you how to use different techniques  to create unique door hangers or use the techniques on other items like a clip board, create a door mat. We have over 20 techniques you can learn. 
  • Door hanger tutorials for every season.
  • We also have tutorials for other fun stuff like a ceramic truck. 
  • There is SO much more! 

Each month you will RECEIVE

  • 1 Door Hanger Tutorial + Template (taught by me)
  • 1 Door Hanger Tutorial + Template (taught by a guest painter)
  • 1 Zoom Paint Party (videoconference where we paint together virtually face to face)
  • Occasional Bonus Technique Tutorials & Trainings on skill topics such as shading, painting flowers, hand lettering, bow making, ect. 
  • Coupon Code for 20% off any templates & blanks in my shop (unlimited use)
  • Access to Exclusive Online Clubhouse FB Group

You will have access to these trainings for as long as you are a member!

Hey, I’m Tamara!

I have been teaching women how to paint door hangers for 5 years now. I am a proud member of the DecoArt Helping Artist Program. And I have helped hundreds of women learn how to paint their first door hanger and even start a business selling and teaching door hanger paint parties. These women’s lives have been changed now that they can paint with confidence and make money doing what they love. I am a firm believer that ANYONE can learn if they have the desire. I am also a big believer in the mantra “Community over Competition”. That is to say that we can all learn from one another in this community and enjoy sharing together without feeling the need to compete. I founded the Painter’s Clubhouse to help women find their tribe, learn to paint and enjoy the journey!

But that’s enough about me….

This is really about YOU and your journey to becoming a more confident painter. And I’m committed to helping you get there!

What if I’ve never painted before?

Don’t worry about that, you will learn step by step how to get started and we will guide you as you go. No painting experience required!

What if I can’t cut my own door hanger?

If you aren’t able or do not wish to cut your own door hangers using a jigsaw, we have a special 20% off discount code that members can use at anytime to purchase items in the shop!

I’m not sure I can do this

You don’t have to be confident right now! You just need to be willing to give it a try. Trust that I am confident in my ability to teach you!

I don’t have enough time

We all have busy lives, but we need to make time for the things we enjoy! Why waste your time trying to figure out how to get started or what design you’re going to paint? If you set aside just 2 hours a month, you will be able to paint a door hanger! We even have 2 nights a month where we get on a videoconference and paint together! You don’t have to join in every time, but if you join in just one night a month, you’ll have the time to make something pretty!

I can’t afford it

Purchasing blanks to paint can get expensive, especially if you’re addicted to painting door hangers! That is why I believe everyone should learn to cut their own or have a family member use our templates to cut blanks for you. It greatly reduces the cost. I also encourage our members to begin selling just one door hanger a month to cover the cost of the membership, because then it’s like you get to paint for free! You may not be confident enough to sell in the beginning, but you’d be surprised just how quickly it happens! I’ve had members sell the first door hanger they ever painted and they were shocked and pleasantly surprised that someone would purchase it! We are often our own worst critic. What you think is flawed, someone else thinks is perfect!


Most frequent questions and answers

No, the printable templates are included. However if you wish to purchase blanks you’ll have a 20% off coupon you can use as many time as you like in my shop. 

No, but if you have business related questions, you’re welcome to post them in the group. I teach all about the business side of door hanger painting in my Paint Party Bootcamp Course.

New tutorials are almost always released on Mondays in the Clubhouse. At the beginning of each month, I post a calendar letting everyone know what is coming up. If you are unable to watch the tutorial on the day it’s released, you can always go back and watch another day. 

Yes! If you wish to cancel, just email us and we will help you through the process. 

Your payment will process on the same day every month. For example if you sign up on the 24th, your payment will process on the 24th of each month. 

If you do cancel, you do get to keep the templates that you’ve already downloaded, but you will not retain access to all of the video tutorials. Just like Netflix, if you cancel, you lose access to the videos. 

For the first 6 months of your membership, you will have access only to the regularly monthly content. After your 6th month, you’ll unlock access to the Clubhouse Vault that contains monthly tutorials dating back to April 2018 when Clubhouse began!

Yes absolutely! Matter of fact, I encourage it! It’ll help you pay your membership dues!

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