Painter’s Clubhouse Recap – August 2023

This is such a fun blog post to share because it gives you a peak into what we’ve been doing in the Painter’s Clubhouse membership in the past month and a look at what’s coming.

What is the Painter's Clubhouse?

Have you heard me raving about the community we’ve built called Painter’s Clubhouse? The Painter’s Clubhouse is my membership group that will allow you to immerse yourself in door hanger creation. It’s filled with other crafters, aspiring artists, and creative business owners just like you! If you’re looking for a community to encourage you and help you grow then the Painter’s Clubhouse is right for you. Are you ready to take that next step and invest in yourself and your passion? If so join us!

Pincone Pumpkin with Beth Eaton

Beth Eaton holding two pumpkins that say thankful

Every month in the Painter’s Clubhouse I invite a guest in to teach you a new technique or tutorial and it might be my favorite part of PC every month. I love bringing different talent and new perspectives to serve this amazing community. This past month the guest artist was none other than Beth Eaton, the talented owner of The Ruffled Daisy by Beth. She painted this adorable pumpkin with some fun 3D attachments! I love how it turned out!

Scarecrow Remix

Tamara holding a scarecrow door hanger

In addition to a guest artist every month, I also love to do a door hanger remix. A remix is where I take an old door hanger template and change it up. This scarecrow was the first time I’ve added fabric to a door hanger and it was so much fun. We even made the hat to look like fabric. It was a fun twist to this adorable template.

Henrietta from The Fall Workshop

Tamara pointing to the Henrietta fall door hanger

A perk of being a member in The Painter’s Clubhouse is that whenever I host seasonal challenges or workshops, you get access to it for free! Painter’s Clubhouse members were able to join us to paint this adorable chicken door hanger from the Fall Door Hanger Challenge. I named her Henrietta, isn’t she adorable! I have loved seeing how all my PC Sisters have painted this design for themselves!

See What Our Members are Painting

There are so many talented PC Sisters that are part of our Painter’s Clubhouse membership and I just have to show off some of their beautiful work. One of the really great things about the Painter’s Clubhouse is the community that it provides. With so many talented artists, you can find inspiration and encouragement from PC Sisters in the group! 

Looking Ahead to September

Wondering what designs are coming up in the Painter’s Clubhouse this month? Well let me show you! We are featuring guest artist Tracy Pounds for a napkin pumpkin project. Then we will be doing the Boo Babe and Haunted House Globe door hangers. It’s going to be such a great month together!

Want a Peak Inside the Painter’s Clubhouse Membership?

I recently went live sharing a peak inside the actual Painter’s Clubhouse membership and it was so much fun sharing some behind the scenes with everyone. This community is amazing and being able to share glimpses of what it has to offer with everyone was a lot of fun. Interest in seeing this tour for yourself? Check it out in the video below!

Come Join Us in the Painter's Clubhouse!

Are you ready to join us in The Painter’s Clubhouse? You can join this amazing community by signing up to join the Painter’s Clubhouse and becoming a PC Sister for yourself right now! If you’re ready to gain confidence as a painter and grow your skills then this membership is for you! I’d love to see you soon in the Painter’s Clubhouse! 

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