Painter’s Clubhouse Recap – December 2022

We're wrapping up the month of December in the Painter's Clubhouse. We had so much fun painting all kinds of Christmas door hangers this month!

Winter Fun in Painter's Clubhouse

We had a fun month in Painter’s Clubhouse! There were three tutorials featuring a variety of fun Winter designs. I love inviting talented guests in to teach tutorials in my membership and in December we had Stacey Conner. She is very talented! Let’s dive right into a recap of what we’ve been doing!

Sledding Leopard

Tamara holding a "Hello Winter" door hanger sign with a sledding leopard on it

I had so much fun painting this Sledding Leopard with my PC Sisters in December. We were able to practice some shading techniques and adding the leopard pattern to the leopard. It was a fun change to the holiday door hangers I’ve been painting lately and I love the cool color scheme! 

Winter Lantern

Check out this adorable Winter Lantern door hanger painted by the talented Stacey Conner. We loved having her as a guest in the Painter’s Clubhouse for the month of December. The floral greeneries on the bottom and the rustic background make for such a beautiful piece. The colors are so soft and I feel like this piece carries you all through Winter. 

Ice Skate Remix

Tamara holding an ice skate door hanger

I know you’ve see this ice skate door hanger before and I just did a remix of it in the Painter’s Clubhouse in December. We do door hanger remixes every month in the Painter’s Clubhouse. It’s where we take an old template and remake it into something else or completely revamp what it looked like! It’s honestly one of my favorite tutorials from each month. 

See What Our Members are Painting

I want to show off some projects that our Painter’s Clubhouse members have painted recently! Our Painter’s Clubhouse membership is filled with a lot of talent and I love seeing that play out. It’s such a joy to watch our members’ skills and confidence grow. I learn so much from them! 

Come Join Us in the Painter's Clubhouse!

That’s a wrap on December in the Painter’s Clubhouse. If you want in on this amazing community then sign up to join the Painter’s Clubhouse and become a PC Sister for yourself! This membership is truly a blessing as we learn and encourage one another in painting and life. Start your new year off with a community of artists that will inspire you to grow! 

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