Painter’s Clubhouse Recap – January 2023

A new year in Painter's Clubhouse means new projects! Let's check in to see what all we did together in January. We'd love to have you join us!

All The Love in Painter's Clubhouse

January was such a fun month in Painter’s Clubhouse! There were three tutorials featuring a variety of  designs perfect for love. I love inviting talented guests in to teach tutorials in my membership and in January, we had Christie Hawkins of The Social Easel. She is very talented! Let’s dive right into a recap of what we’ve been doing!

Heart Wreath REMIX

Tamara holding the heart wreath door hanger

Every month we have a tutorial that I call a Remix in the Painter’s Clubhouse. This is a tutorial where we take an older door hanger template and revamp it into something new. It’s so much fun to look at these designs in a new way to come up with something new. I love how this Heart Wreath turned out, the different patterns make it so much fun and perfect for a girl’s night or Galentine’s event! 

PS I Love You

One of my favorite things we do in the Painter’s Clubhouse is invite guest artists in to teach us how to paint a door hanger or new technique. I have been painting door hangers since 2016 and I still learn something from the guests every time they pop in. My friend Christie Hawkins of The Social Easel painted this beautiful door hanger with our members. I love how it turned out! I’ve seen some talented members even remake this project for themselves with a different saying so that it’s ready for Spring. The colors are perfect for that transition!

Valentine Bubblegum Machine

Tamara holding a door hanger that is a bubblegum machine filled with hearts

Ya’ll, this Valentine Bubblegum Machine was so much fun to paint with my PC Sisters. It’s definitely a twist on a typical Valentine’s Day door hanger, but I think it is so much fun! There was lots of shading involved for the hearts inside, and, of course, I couldn’t help but to polka dot the machine itself. I’m thinking one for every holiday would be so much fun! 

See What Our Members are Painting

I want to show off some projects that our Painter’s Clubhouse members have painted recently! Our Painter’s Clubhouse membership is filled with a lot of talent and I love seeing that play out. It’s such a joy to watch our members’ skills and confidence grow. I learn so much from them! 

Come Join Us in the Painter's Clubhouse!

That’s a wrap on the month of January in the Painter’s Clubhouse. If you want in on this amazing community then sign up to join the Painter’s Clubhouse and become a PC Sister for yourself! This membership is truly a blessing as we learn and encourage one another in painting and life!

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