Painter’s Clubhouse Recap – July 2023

Wondering what we've been up to in the Painter's Clubhouse? Let's recap what our PC Sisters have been doing in July and take a peek at August!

What is the Painter's Clubhouse?

If you’ve been apart of the Southern A-Door-nments Community for any amount of time then you have probably heard me raving about the community we’ve built called Painter’s Clubhouse. I absolutely love these people and how they have grown as artists and a community. Together their artistic abilities have flourished and I’ve watched them grow from beginner painters to confident and talented artists. I learn so much from members and enjoy painting and learning right alongside them. Every month I teach fun door hanger designs and bring in a guest to join us. We also have monthly Zoom Meetings where we chat and craft together! Does Painter’s Clubhouse sound like the community you crave? If so join us!

Floral Burst Quilt Block

Tamara holding Floral Burst Quilt Block

This floral burst quilt block was so much fun to paint with my PC Sisters! This design reminds me of the paint-by-number designs I did as a kid. I love the bright colors and beautiful pattern. I have loved seeing how people are recreating this exact design for themselves. Projects like this are so fun and unique! 

Puppy in Pumpkin

puppy in pumpkin door hanger

We are slowly gearing up for all the Fall projects in the Painter’s Clubhouse. My friend Kasey Hope of P’zazz Art Studio was the guest artist for the month of July. She painted this adorable puppy in a pumpkin door hanger. This featured techniques like shading and highlighting to contour the pumpkin. She says that this is a great projects for beginners and advanced painters alike! Featuring a different guest artist each month is one of my favorite parts about the Painter’s Clubhouse. I love learning new techniques and skills from other talented artists and implementing them in my own journey. 

Sunflower REMIX

Tamara holding a sunflower door hanger

Every month in Painter’s Clubhouse we take an old design in Painter’s Clubhouse and remix it. This means we paint it in a totally different way than how it was before. I love doing this because it causes me to take an old design and look at it in a completely different light. It’s a fun way to stretch my creativity and reuse older designs!

See What Our Members are Painting

There are so many talented PC Sisters that are part of our Painter’s Clubhouse membership and I just have to show off some of their beautiful work. One of the really great things about the Painter’s Clubhouse is the community that it provides. With so many talented artists, you can find inspiration and encouragement from PC Sisters in the group! 

Looking Ahead to August

Wondering what designs are coming up in the Painter’s Clubhouse this month? Well let me show you! We are featuring guest artist Beth Eaton for a beautiful Pinecone Pumpkin project. Then we will be doing the Fall Chicken Workshop together and PC get the invite. Finally I can’t wait to REMIX this adorable scarecrow. It’s going to be such a great month together!

Come Join Us in the Painter's Clubhouse!

Are you experiencing major FOMO? Well don’t worry,  you can join this amazing community by signing up to join the Painter’s Clubhouse and becoming a PC Sister for yourself right now! If you’re ready to gain confidence as a painter and grow your skills then this membership is for you! I’d love to see you soon in the Painter’s Clubhouse! 

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