Painter’s Clubhouse Recap – May 2022

We just wrapped up our May calendar in Painter’s Clubhouse and it was such a fun month. We painted some really great designs, a ceramic piece, and had a fun door hanger challenge. Here's a little sneak peak of what we did!

What is Painter's Clubhouse?

We just wrapped up our May calendar in Painter’s Clubhouse and it was such a fun month! If you’ve been following along with me for a while you probably already know what Painter’s Clubhouse is. If you’re new around here you might need an explanation. Painter’s Clubhouse is an online monthly membership designed to help people grow from a beginner painter to a confident artist. In the course, I teach exclusive techniques and tutorials. I also invite in other talented guest artists to show off their skills as well. If you’d really like to dive into what Painter’s Clubhouse is, I encourage you to check out my blog post, What is Painter’s Clubhouse? In the meantime, let’s dive right in to a recap of what we did last month in the Painter’s Clubhouse! 

Strawberry Blossoms Door Hanger

We kicked off the month of May by painting this adorable Strawberry Blossoms door hanger in the Painter’s Clubhouse. I had so much fun painting this with my PC sister, and I absolutely love how it turned out! See some of the completed Strawberry Blossoms door hangers that our PC artists recreated below after watching me paint it live in Painter’s Clubhouse!

Patriotic Truck Bed

Erica Wallace with the Patriotic Truck

Our guest artist this month was Erika Wallace of Wallace House Designs! She painted this patriotic truck live in the Painter’s Clubhouse with all the PC sisters. We even had a few recreate this design with their own creative touches. Be sure to check them out below! 

Ceramic Camper

Ceramic Camper painted by Tamara Bennett

We switched it up this month in Painter’s Clubhouse by adding a ceramic camper as one of the tutorials this month. You can purchase ceramics on our website, and it is so much fun to paint these with my sisters in the Painter’s Clubhouse. I love how this retro camper turned out! 

Door Hanger Challenge of the Month

Occasionally in the Painter’s Clubhouse we will have a “Door Hanger of the Month Challenge.” This is so much fun because it really encourages our community to get their creative juices flowing. This month’s challenge was to incorporate a stencil when you paint your door hanger. Check out these amazing door hangers by some of our PC members that featured stencils below!

Want to Join in on the Fun?

That’s a wrap on the month of May in the Painter’s Clubhouse. We’re so excited to see what June has in store for our members! If you want in on the fun, join the Painter’s Clubhouse Waitlist now and be the first to know about when enrollment opens back up!

Tamara holding a box of door hangers

My Theory on Creativity

Despite what our grumpy middle school art teachers may have had us believe, in my opinion, creativity isn’t something you’re “born with.” It’s less like a magic fairy that sits on your shoulder and more like a muscle —you don’t know how strong it is until you push it. Creativity is something we all possess, but many of us don’t realize it. We’ve been conditioned to undervalue any abilities that aren’t praised or regarded as “important.”

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Tamara Bennett with a Patriotic Butterfly Door Hanger

Patriotic Butterfly Door Hanger with 3D Elements

Summer is in full swing for most of us and we might find ourselves preparing for the 4th of July celebrations very soon. Today, I am excited to share with you how to paint this Patriotic Butterfly door hanger. It would be a perfect addition to your front door or back patio for an upcoming BBQ or party.

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Projects made with a door hanger template

Creative Ways to Use a Door Hanger Template

A little while back I did a series on my Tuesday Facebook Live videos where I took a template design in my shop and showed you different ways to use it besides just on a door hanger. I’m so excited to show you just a few of the ways that a printable template can be used.

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