Painter’s Clubhouse Recap – September 2022

We're wrapping up the month of September in the Painter's Clubhouse. We have had so much fun painting a variety of door hangers and gearing up for the upcoming holidays. Check out some of the projects our PC Sisters have done!

Have You Heard About Painter's Clubhouse?

We are currently wrapping up the month of September in Painter’s Clubhouse! It was such a fun month filled with lots of fall and holiday painting! Painter’s Clubhouse is my online monthly membership with access to exclusive techniques and tutorials taught by me and guest artists that I bring in. If you’d really like to dive into what Painter’s Clubhouse is, I encourage you to check out my blog post, What is Painter’s Clubhouse? In the meantime, let’s recap what we did this month in the Painter’s Clubhouse

Turkey Remix Door Hanger

Tamara Bennett holding a painted turkey door hanger that reads "give thanks"

We spent September gearing up for all things Fall and this Turkey Remix Door Hanger was no exception! Each month in the Painter’s Clubhouse I take one of my older door hanger designs and “remix,” or paint it in a new and fun way! I did a variety of techniques on the turkey feathers to show how mixing patterns can look good together. 

Happy Fall Ya'll Door Hanger

Happy Fall Y'all Door Hanger with Pumpkin and Sunflowers

For our guest artist in Painter’s Clubhouse this month, Shiela Kjer of Polka Dot Farm painted this adorable “Happy Fall Y’all” door hanger. Be sure to note the ombre patterned background and the shading done on the pumpkins and sunflowers that make them look so realistic. Thank you so much, Shiela, for teaching this technique and painting with us in the Painter’s Clubhouse! I know we all enjoyed it. 

Home for the Holidays Door Hanger

Home for the Holidays Door Hanger painted by Tamara Bennett in the Painter's Clubhouse by Tamara Bennett

I know it’s crazy to be thinking about Christmas already, but it’s closer than you think! How perfect is this door hanger, “Home for the Holidays,” for your front door this Christmas. I love how whimsical and cozy the cottage turned out! It’s just the start of some holiday designs! If you want in on some fun Christmas inspiration be sure to join Painter’s Clubhouse. It would also be a great gift to ask for this Christmas! 

See What Our Members are Painting

I typically show off door hangers from Painter’s Clubhouse members that they’ve remade from some of the door hangers featured that month. However, with so many fun fall door hangers that have been shared, I thought it would be fun to show off some of the artists that make up our community. These PC Sisters are so talented and encouraging to each other. It absolutely warms my heart to see all that they’ve done. Check it out for yourself! 

Join in On the Fun!

That’s a wrap on September in the Painter’s Clubhouse. If you want in on this amazing community then sign up to join the Painter’s Clubhouse and become a PC Sister for yourself! Our PC Sisters would love to paint alongside you and encourage you as you grow from a beginner painter to a confident artist!

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