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Intimidated by the thought of painting your own door hangers?

Everything you need to build your painting confidence is inside The Painter’s Clubhouse.

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Have you heard the myth?

That you can’t create super cute art without being a full-blown artist…

Maybe you think that only “really talented” people can paint…

Or you’ve been led to believe that you don’t have a “creative bone” in your body… 

I’m here to tell you that simply isn’t true.

I am a firm believer that anyone can learn if they have the desire.

That means that anyone, and I mean ANYONE can learn how to create adorable, affordable, seasonal door hangers. 


And that includes you!

What's to come in PC in september

Painter's Clubhouse Monthly

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$ 47 per month
  • Two new door hanger tutorials each month
  • Bonus technique tutorials
  • Exclusive discounts on templates and blanks
  • Private Facebook group

Painter's Clubhouse Yearly

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$ 470 per year
  • Two new door hanger tutorials each month
  • Bonus technique tutorials
  • Exclusive discounts on templates and blanks
  • Private Facebook group

Hi, I’m Tamara, the creator of The Painter’s Clubhouse.

Tamara with finished quilt block painting for PC page
Tamara with give thanks turkey painting for pc page
Valentine Kiss Wood Block for supply list
Tamara with witner llama painting for pc page

Whether you are a beginner painter or already a confident artist, there’s a place in the Painter’s Clubhouse for you.

Door Hanger Painting is for Everyone!

Your Membership Will Include:

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Door Hanger Beginner’s Course

Our signature course will guide you seamlessly through painting your first door hanger. You’ll learn what supplies to buy, which brushes to use, how to use templates, using stencils, and more. After the beginner’s course, you’ll be ready to take on any tutorial in the Painter’s Clubhouse library.

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The Beginners Guide to Door Hangers

This 30-page ebook will be your Door Hanger bible as you navigate this fun new craft! You’ll keep coming back to this wonderful reference over and over again to continue advancing your door hanger painting skills. This book is packed full of video tutorials, photos, and links to must-have supplies!

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Step-by-Step tutorials that teach techniques, hand lettering and bow-making

Over the years the Painter’s Clubhouse has been host to dozens of incredibly talented guest instructors who have shared their skills and knowledge with our members. You’ll have access to over 100+ videos that will help you continue to grow more and more confident in painting.

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100+ Printable templates to trace

Learning to paint door hangers does not require any drawing skills! Even if you can’t draw a stick figure, you can follow along with each tutorial using the printable templates provided. Just trace onto the wood with graphite paper and begin cutting with a jigsaw or scrollsaw or use the cut file in your laser machine (if you have one).

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Original designs to use

Every design taught in the Painter’s Clubhouse can be painted and sold if you decide to start a business or incorporate door hangers into your current business. Many of our members have had great success teaching in paint parties, setting up at local craft fairs, and selling on Etsy.

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A community to cheer you on along the way

Learning a new skill can be intimidating and crafting can be lonely if you don’t have a support system. When you become a PC Sister, you’ll be blown away at how helpful this community of generous, kind, and friendly women can be. You’ll now have a place to share your creations to get praise and feedback! We are proud of the group we’ve created where everyone feels safe and supported!

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Zoom Paint Parties with Crafters just like you!

Once a month, sometimes more members of the Clubhouse get together on zoom to chat and paint together. Whether you’re working on designs to sell at your next craft show or just painting something for yourself, it’s way more fun to paint with friends! You’ll be surprised what little nuggets of advice you pick up from your fellow PC Sisters!

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PLUS, you’ll receive access to new, exclusive content each and every month. 

As the trends in home decor change with the seasons, you’ll always have something new and fun to create! Each month, we provide 2 new templates and tutorials along with other fun bonuses!

Members of the club have raved about what they’ve learned (and are continuing to learn):

Testimonials from Clubhouse members

PC member testimonial
"A year with Tamara's tutorials and my skill has definitely blossomed! This is a truck I designed 6 years ago and my technique remained pretty much the same. Tamara has helped me grow my personal style into a more whimsical style that I love!!!"
Melinda Allcorn
Sowder for testimonial on PC page
"I love painter's clubhouse and this encouraging community. Painting is calming and relaxing. Tamara is so super supportive, kind and helpful to everyone."
Myra Sowder
Mosley for testimonial on PC sales page
"I'm an introvert, shy and a home body. I have made some really good friends in the clubhouse, have started going live on my page and have gained so much thing I've ever done for myself."
Marie Mosley
Wilson for testimonial on PC page
"We've made ends meet the last couple of months with my door hangers."
Cindy Hodges Wilson

Here are just a few Ah-Ha moments that may happen for you…

→ Finally figuring out how to master leopard print

→ Getting really, really good at hand-lettering

→ Creating door hangers for friends and family

→ Cultivating your painting confidence

The Painter’s Clubhouse is a special place you can visit to immerse yourself in door hanger creation.

The Clubhouse is full of other crafters, aspiring artists and small business owners just like you.

Our Clubhouse is a place where you can …

✨come for inspiration.

✨ask questions when you are struggling.

✨proudly share what you are working on.

✨learn and gain confidence in your craft.

Our Clubhouse is also a place where you can just drop by to say hello and check in on your friends. We really ARE all friends here.

painters clubhouse member for testimonial page
"I painted this one for my niece's baby shower today! This is the first baby announcement I’ve ever painted. It turned out pretty cute and she loved it! People kept telling me I need to sell them and I said “I do!”
Cindy Fowler
painters clubhouse member for sales page
"Made this door hanger for a friend !! She loved it. She hung it on her chicken coop !!! I loved creating the fence technique most of all but love the entire project.."
Judy Ditch
valentine porch from painters clubhouse member
"It makes me so happy to pull up to my house and see all the bright colors and stuff I made. "
Lauren Martin
painters clubhouse members testimonial
"Tamara’s Lola made me find a love of painting again and I am thankful! Not sure if I will try to make this into a business, or just do them for fun, family & friends…but it’s exciting to entertain the possibility."
Lisa Howell

Frequently Asked Questions

No painting experience required! You will learn step-by-step how to get started and we will guide you as you go. 

If you aren’t able or do not wish to cut your own door hangers, we have a special 20% off discount code that members can use at any time to purchase items in the shop!

You don’t have to be confident right now! You just need to be willing to give it a try. Trust that I am confident in my ability to teach you!

We all have busy lives, but we need to make time for the things we enjoy! Why waste your time trying to figure out how to get started or what design you’re going to paint? If you set aside just 2 hours a month, you will be able to paint a door hanger! We have one Paint Party a month where we jump on Zoom and paint together! 

Purchasing blanks to paint can get expensive, especially if you’re addicted to painting door hangers! That is why I believe everyone should learn to cut their own or have a family member use our templates to cut blanks for you. It greatly reduces the cost. I also encourage our members to begin selling just one door hanger a month to cover the cost of the membership, because then it’s like you get to paint for free! You may not be confident enough to sell in the beginning, but you’d be surprised just how quickly it happens! I’ve had members sell the first door hanger they ever painted and they were shocked and pleasantly surprised that someone would purchase it! We are often our own worst critics. What you think is flawed, someone else thinks is perfect!

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